Saturday, February 12, 2005

Emerald City Con musings

I am going to file my official report tomorrow, but wanted to make a few comments today on what I have read on the internet about the show. It was stated that Ed Brubaker revealed at the DC panel that he had signed an exclusive with Marvel, when really at the Marvel panel the day before it was already the worst kept secret at the con. Ed, Bendis, John Layman, Robert Kirkman, and Marvel Editor C.B. Cebulski kept alluding to it the entire time, so by the time the DC panel started the next day it was old news. Greg Rucka, Kurt Busiek, and Gail Simone kept giving him crap, which basically beat a dead horse. Isn't it funny how things get twisted around by the time they hit us here?

Also, after perusing a couple of other people's blogs, I am completely disgusted by the blatant name dropping done through out. I don't even want to mention what creators Jim and I spoke to and what information we got just for fear of looking that way as well. I don't have personal friendships with the people I spoke to, but have been to enough cons that some of the creators know me by sight. That by no means makes me cool or interesting, it just means I am persistent, so to see other bloggers making a production of their conversations is a travesty to me.

On that note, I will have my view of the con with my own opinions. Any name dropping I do will be from asking the person a question and getting an interesting answer. Also, I will not subscribe to any hearsay or embellish anything I witnessed at the panels.

More tomorrow!

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