Thursday, February 03, 2005

Stuff to Take to a Con

I am sitting here tonight trying to decide what to take to the Emerald City Con. Let's compile a list, shall we?

-Briefcase/backpack for comics & other neccesities
-Comics for signing, but not too many as not to be a signing whore
-Bottle of water/soda to quench thirst and not have to pay $3.00 for a small one
-Snacks, or in my case cans of tuna for lunch
-Ipod or some listening device for standing in line
-Tape Recorder for doing interviews with lots of blank cassettes
-Camera for capturing the moment
-Umbrella in case it is raining while we wait outside
-Reading material unless you plan to buy it when in there, for the long waits in line
-Patience of a saint to deal with your fellow mankind

What have I missed? Have a great evening, and a great weekend! I will have a report when we get back, and know I won't have a chance to blog tomorrow because I am working.

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Carl said...

Welp, I have a pretty good backpack. In the main part, I put my books with a stiff piece of cardboard (usually if I can get them, the cardboard in the bottom of the Diamond shipping boxes is great) on either side to protect the books. And of course they are wrapped up in a couple of bags and in bags and boards (but usually not taped so I can get to them fast). Okay, in the outer two pockets, I have gold and silver signing pens in case the signer's has froze or dryed up (usually not a problem but now and again it happens). And I have my comic back issues book (a tiny little notebook), pens, my address book, extra pair of sunglasses and a small package of handi-wipes. And in the other pocket, I have a small travel-size deoderant stick, some gum or breath-mints, candy or snacks all in sealed plastic zip-locks so I won't have an accident in there. And I also have a clip-on water bottle with a strap but sometimes that's a pain and there's dealers at Megacon (they were at FX too) that sell water and drinks for a buck. Welp, that's about it, of course I have my cell phone and my keychain has a Swiss Army knive on it always and you don't know how many times that's come in handy. And like you said, Heidi, patience beyond belief. At FX Con, I don't know how many times I got slammed into and the heat and body, jeeeeezzzzzz...