Monday, March 14, 2005

New Comics for March 16

I am finally feeling better so here is a list of comics I am picking up March 16!

Adventures of Superman #638
Angeltown #5
Birds of Prey #80
Catwoman #41
JLA #112
Manhunter #8
Teen Titans #22
Wonder Woman #214
Invincible #21
Lions Tigers and Bears #2 - one of the coolest new concepts out there!
Noble Causes #8
PVP #15
Ultra #8
Black Panther #2
Captain America #4
Exiles #61
Fantastic Four Foes #3
Incredible Hulk #79
Marvel Knights 4 #16
Ultimate Spider-Man #74
Ultimate X-Men #57
Ultimates 2 #4
Uncanny X-Men #457
Wolverine #26
Young Avengers #2

Have a great week!


Carl said...

Glad you guys are doing better Heidi. I kind of got burned-out after Megacon. I think 4 solid days of almost nothing but comics, low-amounts of sleep and having a huge clash of uber-comic geek egos was almost too much. I didn't pick up a comic for days and went in the following Wednesday but skipped the "Movie Night" Friday. So, outside of the "must reads" I have been avoiding my books. But I did get The Punisher game for X-Box and read a novel about a vampire that loved comics and pulps and was actually a "mystery men" hero during WW II (a sequel actually, "Bride of the Fat White Vampire" and the first was "Fat White Vampire Blues" both by Andrew Fox). So, I have been keeping my foot in. Hope all is well...

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, I feel ya on needing a few post con days away from the general populace! Jim and I spent the last couple of weekends trying to recoup and feel better in general, and are finally getting back in the groove!

All is well now, and I really enjoyed your megacon pictures! Cool stuff! We still haven't developed our Emerald City Con stuff, so we are way behind.

Take care!