Sunday, March 13, 2005

Trying to Bounce Back

My God, I have been sick with a capital 'S'. Every night I went to bed at like 6:30 at night so I could make it through the day at work, and I still am coming out of it. This is a mix of flu and head cold so you can't breathe through your nose, but you have no appetite and feel nauseous and dizzy. It really sucks, and I feel much better, though not 100%.

What's been up lately? My sister and I threw my mom a surprise 60th birthday party last weekend on March 5th that went over well. Then Jim and I went to the Portland Comicon on our way back to Yakima on the 6th. Matt Haley was super cool and gave me a copy of his book "G.I. Spy" to review that I am going to do this next weekend. Also we picked up a couple of books at the Alias Enterprise book to look at. We spent a little money and got back to town, where I proceeded to have a miserable week.

The good news is that since I was so sick I lost more weight, bringing my total loss to 26 pounds. The even better news is that I look normal sized, not heavy anymore and that my clothes fit better. I have five more weeks left on my "Get In Shape" Contest and I have to hustle to make up for being sick this week if I want to win it.

Never a dull moment, huh? I also posted some quick take reviews over at 4 Color Review if you have an extra second. I am off to pay our bills and try and catch up on e-mail since I haven't checked it for over a week. Wish me luck!

Take care all!

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