Friday, April 29, 2005

The Internet Sucks

The Internet is sucking the humanity out of personal contact and responsibility. It is giving license to a new breed of citizen- one who treats others in an anonymous forum the way they would never treat them in person. I call them cowardly and I call them pathetic. They are the reason I will not go to message boards unless it is absolutely neccesary.

I also don't like the effect that the internet is having on the comic book readership in general. What in theory should be a wonderful thing- going to a place to talk about your favorite characters and books- has been ruined by callous, over-bearing idiots who bully and challenge others until only people like themselves are left.

What happens next is that people who still want to talk about comics have to go find a new place or start their own. The only problem with it, is sooner or later the same bullies find out where you are and make life intolerable yet again.

That is also why you will never see me on a forum, other then briefly, and usually to wish someone a happy birthday, which is usually not a "hostile" thread.

These bullies make me feel physically ill. It is my greatest hope that the big old karma wheel comes back to bite them in their obnoxious ass.

My rule of thumb is to treat people like you want to be treated. I also try to see the positive side of things rather then trying to prey on other's weaknesses. It is one thing to have a relationship that allows a level of comfort in being teased, it is another to hack and slash another's words in a way that puts them up to ridicule.

This is the reason I have my own blog- to keep the focus where I want it - on comic books and pop culture, not someone else's ego. When I criticise here it is a focus on the person's work, not their character. When I suggest that Rob Liefeld is not worthy of a shot at Teen Titans, it isn't because I think he has a bad personality, it is because I know he has a long track record of poor performance regarding deadlines and promised publications. If I met him in person, I would express my opinion to his face in a polite manner. That is my rule - if you can't say it to their face, don't say it.

That is my soap box for the day! Have a great weekend all!


James Meeley said...

I think is why Blogs and Live Journals have become such a rage today. Not only do you have the ability to control and focus the content that is discussed, but to even have the power to remove "undesirable elements" from getting "equal time".

I personally put a lot of the out-of-control nature, not only at the "online bullies" themselves, but the moderators of message forums. It's certainly reached a place where anyone who's spent any amount of time online will know the signs of when a discussion is becoming unproductive and when someone is being little more than a troll. Moderators need to crackdown on those types of things. But since they don't, mostly allowing these bullies to hide being the first amendment, the situation has grown to what we see today. Nevermind that the first amendment doesn't apply to message forums that are owned and maintained by private corporations or persons, thereby making it not a democracy, but a privately owned property, and not protectable under the first amendment.

Discussion of various veiwpoints is fine and something that SHOULD be allowed and protected by the first amendment. But "online verbal bullying" shouldn't. Until those in the seat of power who can control suhc things decide to do something about it, don't expect things to change much. But hey, thank God for the ability to have your own blog... it at least gives you an alternative to having to deal with those types of cowderheads. :)

- James

Carl said...

Yep, I'm getting to the point where I don't want to post at pretty much any public BBS. I have mostly quit nearly all the ones I used to go to. My last skirmish was over the horrible Will Ferrall (sorry, I can't stand him) being cast as the lead in a movie version of Land of the Lost, one of my fave shows from the '70s. I figured public figures were legal targets but soon an a'hole poster began to say things like, what, did the guy sleep with your wife and your kids have curly blonde hair and do political impressions? And while I have a hopefully good sense of humor, I have always believed (and especially after the mods have said in the posting rules) that insults and family were off limits. They did erase the article and such but it really frosted me, especially other regs coming together to defend this sh*theel all over Will Ferrell, a complete stranger and barely a comic actor. So, probably, I will give up another place I liked 'cause some coward behind a keyboard had to ruin it for me. And since it was run by a comic book store that I hoped to visit and due some business, this clown cost them money too. Good work there idiot!!!

Heidi Meeley said...

It is totally sad that a person can't express themselves without a bunch of know-it-alls telling you that you're wrong. I hate that with a passion.

The way I figure it, my job is stressful enough as it is, I want to relax and have fun when I come home, especially when I am in front of the computer. I stared at one for 10 hours at work, when I have it in front of me at home, it had better be relaxing.

It just isn't worth the crap. I love to talk about comics, but can't at a message board for fear of reprisals. That is why I am thankful for my blog. It gives me a chance to keep in the game without the usual trolls and egotistical twits.

Sad but true!