Monday, May 08, 2006

New Comics For May 10

52 #1
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
Well, here I am back from Idaho! Unfortunately, I brought back a nasty case of bronchitis with me. Having never had it before, I had no idea how nasty the crap is. Yikes.

At any rate, here is my list of books for the week!

52 Week 1
American Virgin #3
Captain Atom Armageddon #8 (0f 9)
Crisis Aftermath The Battle for Bludhaven #3 (of 6)
Ex Machina #20
Fables #49
Firestorm The Nuclear Man #25
Jonah Hex #7
Nightwing #120
Superman #652
Wildcats Nemesis #9 (of 9)
Girls #13
New X-Men #26
She-Hulk 2 #7
Uncanny X-Men #473
X-Men The 198 #5 (of 5)

That's it for the week. I hope to feel better by the end of the week and talk about IC #7. Interesting stuff. Even more ironic was that Marvel threw down their gauntlet with Civil War #1 the same week. Hmmmm...

Take care! Have a great week!


RedheadFangirl said...

Hey what happened to The comic asylum? I missed something!

James Meeley said...

I think I can answer that for you.

Quite simply, I became bored with doing it. So, I stopped. However, i know there are more than enough snarky jerks out there with thier own blogs, who probably would have used my as endless fodder for their cheap attempts at humor. Even though I was no longer going to be doing the blog, I felt it deserved a better fate than that. So, I deleted it, thereby taking away the jerks ability to use it for their own compassionless and childish whims.

Hope that gives you the answers you were seeking. :)

RedheadFangirl said...

I am feeling that answer today. I was namechecked in a negative way on a blog. The comic community can be creative, interesting and there are good folks; but man, some comments and i-know-it-all-ness bum me out. Well, I'll keep reading C Fairplay!