Monday, May 01, 2006

New Comics For May 3

Y The Last Man 45
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Well, it is another week, so it is time for the new comic book list. Just my luck, I won't be here all week, so I will miss out on IC 7 until Sunday. How will I stand the suspense?? Heh heh.

Here is my list:

Action Comics #838
Detective Comics #819
Infinite Crisis #7 (of 7)
JSA #85
Outsiders #36
Supergirl #6
Teen Titans #35
Y The Last Man #45
Necromancer #5
Civil War #1 (of 7)
Exiles #80
Punisher #33
Ultimate Spider-Man #94
X-Men The End #5 (of 6)

That's it for the week. I am going down to Jerome, ID for the rest of the week to take inventory and some meetings. I am leaving the hubby solo, so hopefully he doesn't have too many parties!

Have a great week! See you Sunday!


Carl said...

Hmmmmm, welp, good to see Infinite Crisis #7 out, I was getting tired of reading OYL when the original story line was not finished!
And I've noticed this big deal about Marvel's Civil War. I have to say, Marvel's "making it more real" kind of turns me off. First off, I read comics to escape the real world. Second, since Marvel has really pushed a liberal agenda at it's readers (so has DC in some books but not as bad IMO anyway), I am really upset that they want to portray the US government as these people that would punish the superheroes. I mean, look at the illegal alien rallies across the USA, do you see a huge crackdown going on? Register and pursue "illegal superheroes", hell, you can't even get laws enforeced when we know that violent gangmembers and possible terrorists have crossed our borders with the illegals. I have to tell you Heidi, Marvel is moving so far away from what it was, I barely know it anymore. From the "Bendis-ation" of most of the Universe to it becoming "reality" comics, if it wasn't for the Punisher (and they finally brought back Moon Knight), I wouldn't buy a single book from them...
Hope you have a good trip, later!

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, what did you think of IC #7?

As for Marvel, well it just seems to be the same crap over and over. I see that they are trying to be bold and new, but the end result has been unfortunately to still land on the heels of DC's reinvigoration. Realism can work to a point, but sometimes too much reality can interfere with the basic charm that comes with reading a comic book.

Well spoken as usual, Carl! Have a great day!