Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hawkgirl Title: Next on Chopping Block?

Hawkgirl 59
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I don't know if it is the bad karma that I passed it's way by hating on a cover a week and a half ago, but signs point to Hawkgirl being the next DC title to be cancelled. Over at Lying In The Gutters at Comic Book Resources, Rich Johnston reports:

"The new DC Previews state that "Firestorm" and "Manhunter" have been cancelled. I understand that "Hawkgirl" is also to join that list. "

As much as Manhunter's demise upset me, this cancellation of Hawkgirl would come as no surprise. Since the One Year Later storyline has commenced, it has not held any momentum. I had been holding off dropping the book awaiting Hawkman's return, but that is in the crapper now.

When Hawkman (now Hawkgirl) started with a new series, I was pretty excited. Geoff Johns and Rags Morales did a wonderful job. Unfortunately, since their departure, the series has been very uneven. Everytime I would be ready to drop it, a new team would come on and my hopes would increase, usually to be dashed quickly. Unfortunately, it looks now like this title will fall victim to crossover-itis.

I am not surprised, but am sorry to see a series starring a female character I like end.


Lisa said...

I also heard that Hawkgirl's on the chopping block, and maybe Aquaman too.

I think there are a few One Year Later books that should have just not shipped because one year later the comic wouldn't be in print.

Carl said...

Truthfully, when the new Hawkgirl appeared in the JSA, I found her kind of bland. A blank with not much character. And I was on the border of returning to reading Hawkman since friends told me it was really good, then ZAP! it's Hawkgirl and a costume that looks weird. Just not worth my $2.99 with my comic money so tight to start with...

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, LOL! I couldn't agree more.

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, while Hawkgirl has never been on top of my list of female heroes, I was trying to support the book and thought that some evolution of the character would help sales. I was wrong.

I guess with Kendra in the JLA, they didn't see the need for a solo book. That and the fact that the book just didn't resonate.