Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Comics for February 14

Stormwatch PHD 4
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In good news, the Diamond list printed today, so I have the shipping list. In bad news, tomorrow is Valentines Day and I haven't gotten my hubby anything. Yikes.

This week's list has a great deal of good stuff. The bad news is that I won't be getting it all. It is now a case of "buy the best of the best" here at Casa Meeley, so bear with me.

Here is the list of what I am getting:

52 Week 41
Batman #663
Justice Society of America #3
Manhunter #28
Stormwatch PHD #4 (pictured)
Tales of the Unexpected #5 (of 8)
Trials of Shazam #5 (of 12)
Y The Last Man #54
PVP #31
Astonishing X-Men #20
New X-Men #35
Thunderbolts #111
Ultimate X-Men #79- probably my last
Wolverine Origins #11

Books I am Dropping
Gen 13 #5- not because I don't like it but because I like other books better.
Green Arrow #71- mostly due to a slip in my enjoyment of it.
Exiles #91- Ditto what I said about Gen 13.

Ultimate X-Men and Astonishing X-Men are on the chopping block to make room for other books. Based on this current issue, I will be making a decision.

That's it for tonight. I am looking forward to more regular posting for the rest of the week. Thank you for bearing with me through all my unexpected "life" issues.


Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on the "Trials of Shazam" mini-series? Just curious.

Carl said...

Yep, I've already eaten my Valentine Candy my bride and kids got me and got them nothing yet. It helped that last time I was out, I had like $3 bucks on me. Tomorrow I will stop on the way to work or something.
Anyway, I tell you, lately, I keep thinking of quitting comics. It's gotten so many times that I read my books days if not weeks later (unless it's something I have to read right away and that's getting rare) and sometimes I really dislike going to my shop. It's a long story but most of the guys there seem to go through, being lead by my dealer, short periods of responsible behavior followed by their "frat-boy" weeks or weekends. And there's also a former friend that I learned over time was pretty much a guy that took advantage of women in the group and his apparent M.O. was to learn about a bad break-up or some event and then try for a rebound affair. And of course, since he's like our store's court jester, it's like anything he does is forgotten and it's down the memory hole. And I'm a guy that believes in justice and honor. Not just lip service. Ssssoooo, I am torn. I still care about a lot of people there, but it's like our little kingdom of friends has a Wormtongue right there spoiling it for the people I consider of a like spirit. I can't forgive nor forget, especially since one of the gals he came onto was one of my friends; I'm the one that introduced her to the group. Now, she will only go if this person is not there. Drama, drama, drama. Sheesh. I just don't feel you should have to put up with a predator in your shop unless it's in a Dark Horse Comic...

BIG MIKE said...

You'd keep trials of Shazam and bag Green Arrow? Arrow is the only readable Winnick book left... I think it's best to support it.

Lisa said...

No gift for my hubbie either. We're down to one car and always together, so it's hard to get a gift. Plus money is tight.

Did your retailer get all their stuff this week? We had a box get lost in the NY blizzard and now our Diamond rep can't get to the office so who knows WHEN we'll get the other half of our order. But at least we got the big 3: 52, Astonishing & JSA.

FYI - I believe Astonishing ends at issue #24 or #25. Not sure that changes your feelings about cutting it, but I wanted to let you know it's almost over anyway.

Lisa said...

Carl - YIKES!! I can't get over that whole rebound thing. Crazy! Sounds like they need some "grown-ups" to work there.

Carl said...

The bad part is, outside of helping out somewhat at conventions, he doesn't work there, just hangs around. And like I said, he can do no wrong since our dealer really likes him, even if he hits on gals and border-line stalks them. He went in my eyes from a favorite nephew status to where I want to give him a horse-whipping in the street like they used to do to mashers back in the old days. I just can't imagine sitting there joking with him like the others do, knowing what he is and has done. It's like ignoring the skull-faced aliens from "They Live", not possible after you get the sunglasses or enlightened about this person. I sometimes think aside from the reserved for customers parking signs, they need the notice about sexual predators one too...

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark- "Trials of Shazam" has actually intrigued me a great deal. Having Freddy Freeman touch bases with each figure who figures into the "Shazam" mythos has been kinda fun for me. I know it hasn't hit the radar, but I have personally enjoyed it. The lateness is irritating, but I have liked the book, and since it is a 12 issue limited series it has been easier to plan for.

Have you read it yet?

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, don't quit comics on account of some dude. If you like comics, it is your own business. I know that is really stinks to deal with the situation you have there, but is it possible to make the shop trip a more "in-and-out" situation?

As for that fella you were talking about, I think what he has been doing is reprehensible. Have you confronted him at all and gotten his story? God knows how rumors go.

Keep us informed...

Heidi Meeley said...

ml- I am really torn about dropping Green Arrow. I have every issue of GA since the Long Bow Hunters mini-series. I love Ollie as a character. I have just hated this last story line.

If I can afford it, I will pick it up and see if it gets better.

Personally, I have been enjoying "Trials" so far. What is your opinion?? I am curious.

Carl said...

Yep, we had our go-arounds and he disappeared from the shop and hanging with the group for 2 or 3 months. The entire group knows his story (save for the newbies I guess) and when he complained that I was picking on him unfairly, my dealer said, oh, so you didn't hit on my ex-girlfriend that time? He couldn't deny it since all of my accusations were true. I don't know, I still love my comics but it's just such a bad sitch, buying them and being with people that apparently don't believe in what comics teach and tell us, to stand up for what you believe, defend the weak or preyed upon and seek out truth, justice and the American Way. I don't care what anyone else says, that that thinking is old fashioned and everything is shades of grey. You pretend to be one of the good guys and then act like a stalker or masher or preying on the emotional vunerable, you need a good old-fashioned smack upside your head...

Anonymous said...


I haven't been reading Trials of Shazam, since I'm just not on board with the tone and direction Winnick has brought to the story. I'm all for freshening things up, but I just think it went too far in this case....especially consigning Billy Batson to a supporting role. To me, the whole SHAZAM mythos should have Billy and Cap at its core, and not for it to become one of the innumerable "legacy heroes" we see popping up everywhere. Sometimes it's good to have Captain Marvel be the same guy, and not some mantle that can be handed off like a relay race baton. Yeah, Freddy's working hard for his prize...I realize that.....but fundamentally, I just can't support Winnick's concepts. Also, while I don't realistically expect the same innocent tone of the original Captain Marvel stories (or the DC 1970's series and the Ordway series, for that matter), but at the same time, I think an edgier voice like Winnick may be going too far the other way.

I guess I'm just too much of a traditionalist to want to give Winnick as much leash as DC has.

However, I'm glad you're enjoying the series. Whether the changes Winnick introduced will "stick" or not, it's always good to find a series you like in today's very average to below-average climate of storytelling.

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, I love the fact that you try and stand up for values and the American way. God knows there aren't many people like you left in general. You are a good guy, and it is a shame that these other people give you a hard time.

I wish I lived closer so I could go talk to that guy and try and straighten him out, but you are probably right that he wouldn't change. That stinks!

You hang in there, Carl.

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, I totally see your point. The classic Captain Marvel is a favorite of mine as well. To see Billy in such a different role has been jarring for sure. I guess I am hoping that the end of the limited series brings the entire Marvel family back to their glory. I am hoping that Billy doesn't end up as the guardian of the rock of eternity... well... for an eternity!

It has been a surprise for me to enjoy "Trials" so much. I am not a huge Winick fan, but something about this has struck a chord, so I am hanging in there with it for the time being. I would venture to guess it has something to do with my love of mythology and Gods. Since a young age I have been transfixed by the Greek and Roman mythos.

I will keep you posted on how the series continues to do.

Thank you!