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DC Wonder-Con News Of Interest

Green Arrow
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I was perusing Newsarama for word of news coming from the Wonder-Con when several tidbits from the DC Nation panel caught my eye. Some of this information affects my future buying decisions while other items are just plain interesting. Here is a smattering:

-Green Arrow will end with #75, Winick said, adding that the very last page of the issue features Oliver Queen offering an engagement ring to Black Canary. With that issue, Winick said, he’ll be off the series and character.

Newsarama Note: In clarifying his comment, Winick later told Newsarama: " I'm done, and DC is as well, with the monthly book Green Arrow. I'm not done, and DC is not done with Green Arrow. And that's all I say."

Didio said that the repercussions of the engagement will be felt throughout Countdown and the DCU, and when prodded, Wayne said that there will most likely be a miniseries spin out of the end of the series.

Winick said that “repercussions” seen will involve other heroes throughout the DCU weighing in on the engagement.
So what Rich Johnston reported in his Lying in The Gutter column was spot-on. Man, I don't want this to happen. It does change my initial thoughts about dropping Green Arrow thought. I will continue to ride that boat to the shore based on this information.

-There are no plans to put a memorial for Stephanie Brown in the Batcave, Didio said, noting that she became Robin out of her own resort, was never accepted into the full role and Bat-family, and died as Spoiler, not as Robin.

That sucks- just give the girl her due already.

-Didio said that there is hope for another solo Power Girl series.

This is great news as Power Girl is a favorite character of mine.

-Didio reiterated that Manhunter will be continuing and will begin again with issue #31, starting in July.

Can I hear a big "Yay" on that one?

-James Robinson does have a story in mind for more Jack Knight stories, and the door is open, Didio said, now, scheduled just need to match up

-The Firestorm series: can it be saved like Manhunter? Didio: Not right now.

From the DC Great Expectations Panel:

-Pointing out the Amazons Attack slide, Didio asked who was reading Wonder Woman, which was answered by cries of “When it comes out.”

“We deserve that,” Didio said, and then outlined the coming plans on the ongoing Wonder Woman series, with Idelson adding that they are hoping to have the Wonder Woman Special with the conclusion of Allan Heinberg’s “Who is Wonder Woman” coming out in September.

Which basically means that what we have read in issues one to four won't make sense until then. Thank you so much for wasting my time and money for the last several months. Don't ever do it again.

-In terms of the future of Batwoman, Didio said that he hopes to expand upon the character and continue using the character after 52.

-Will DC being doing anything with more political elements woven in, a la Civil War at Marvel? Didio: Great question – but you can’t go spot on with a direct approach, because you don’t want to trivialize things in the real world. We bring a lot of reality to your books, but there are things we can’t bring in because the heroes just don’t work well in those aspects. There are certain places to tell those stories, but I’m not sure if that’s something that interacts well with the DC Universe.

Basically this means that DC is taking the opposite stance of Marvel.

-Will there be more annuals coming? Didio: Yes – the Nightwing Annual in April which explains the proposal between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon; and Outsiders Annual.

Winick: That will wrap up the One Year Later story, and be drawn by Scott McDaniel.

Didio: And a Wonder Woman Annual too.

There is some great news and there is some mediocre news, but all in all I am pretty excited to hear about DC's plans for the upcoming year.


Nick said...

Ahh, miss Green Arrow series I will. Judd Winick's run lately has been rockin.

Lisa said...

Like I said, DC seems to be moving in a completely different direction than Marvel. Time will tell if it's a good move for them or not--personally I like it and I'm looking forward to seeing how all of this develops.

Heidi Meeley said...

Swinebread- thank you! That makes my night!

Heidi Meeley said...

Nick- the hot rumor on the street is that it will be coming back out called Green Arrow/Black Canary, so we shall see. I am anxious to find out the new direction of this book.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, it certainly seems so. I know that I will take heat for this, but I am just not excited about Marvel's plans right now. There are still several titles I buy, but for the most part they are not Civil War/Big Crossover related. I have found I enjoy it when their books DON'T play in the big sandbox.

As for DC, well I know I will be labeled a diehard, but I am pretty interested to see where several of their titles go in the future. I am also quite excited about Countdown. The whole weekly thing has really worked well so far.

It should be pretty intense following this.

ShellyS said...

I think the GA series was written into the ground. Ah well. I was gonna drop it, but maybe I'll stick around til the end.

Meanwhile, I just noticed your blog dropped off my blogroll and I had to resub. Did you change your feed or something? I hope you don't think I stopped reading it on purpose.

Oh, just saw your comment re: GA/BC. Now that would be cool. He just better not cheat on her again.

Heidi Meeley said...

Shelly, I am not sure what happened with my blog feed. I didn't change anything, but my computer was acting funny lately, so God knows what it did. I checked for spyware and viruses and came up clean, so maybe it is a fluke.

As for GA, I was pretty set on dropping it until I got this news. Now I want to see it through. Ollie definitely gets kicked in the kahunas if he lets Dinah down again though!!

ShellyS said...

Maybe Bloglines burped or something. I was thinking I hadn't seen anything from you in a while, which was odd, so I looked at the list of blogs in my Art and Comics folder and yours was gone. But all seems fine now.

If Ollie cheats on Dinah again, he should be castrated. ;)

Heidi Meeley said...

Shelly, I am with you on Ollie being deprived of his manhood if he is bad. God knows Dinah was patient enough with him!!

I am glad my blog seems to have come back. I am still trying to get to the bottom of what happened.

Take care!