Monday, March 05, 2007

New Comics for March 7

Now that it is March I keep expecting my cutbacks to make my list smaller. For whatever reason, it doesn't seem to have done so yet. I am determined to keep trying though.

Here is my list of new stuff:

Bomb Queen III #1
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.

52 Week 44
Authority #2 - the deal breaker
Detective Comics #829 - as long as Dini keeps on writing, I will be there. I have also greatly enjoyed Kramer's art.
Helmet of Fate Zauriel #1 - a one shot
Justice League of America #6- I was considering dropping this book until I decided it may tie in with the whole Black Canary/Green Arrow engagement, so I am getting it for now.
Loveless #16
Manhunter #29
Nightwing #130
Outsiders #46 - I am planning to get this through the crossover with Checkmate.
Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #8 (0f 8)
Welcome to Tranquility #4
Age of Bronze #25- excellent quarterly book
Bomb Queen III #1 (of 4) - see picture
Dynamo 5 #1 - new Jay Faerber series that I want to try. Bad Heidi.
Captain America #25
Mighty Avengers #1 - I am a sucker for Cho's art.
Punisher #35
Ultimate Spider-Man #106
Uncanny X-Men #484

Jonah Hex #17 - with much sadness
Superman Batman #32- I refuse to buy anything Pat Lee is associated with and he is taking over pencilling this book, so I am done. Even if it was Wonder Woman Lee was drawing, I would still not buy it. He has burned his bridge here by poor business practices.

That's it for the week. Sorry about how weird my blog is composing. I can't figure it out and I am too bushed to dig around and fix it. Sorry.

Have a great night!


John Holland said...

Has Manhunter come out with any trades? I haven't picked it up yet, but you keep talking so good about it I'm thinking about giving it a try and was wondering if it had a trade...I figured that would be the best way to start, with the first trade if there is one.

I agree with you about Pat Lee. I wouldn't buy anything he is associated with.

Swinebread said...

Why Jonah Hex, what do not like?

Nick said...

johnh985 this links for you:

Heidi what'd you think of the Helmet of Fate: Black Alice one-shot by Simone?

John Holland said...


Thanks, I'll check it out.

Heidi Meeley said...

John, I just can't buy Pat Lee products at all. His business practices really upset me. Along with Todd McFarlane, he is a person I will not support through purchasing products he is associated with.

A special thanks to Nick for the links!

John, you will have to tell us what you think!

Heidi Meeley said...

Swinebread- to be honest, I don't really have any objections to Jonah Hex. I have really enjoyed the book. My problem was that when I was making cuts for financial reasons, I had to choose. In the following months, the books still on my pull list will likely go away until I am down to one or two books a week. It is a total bummer, but a realistic one.

That is what is so hard. Jonah Hex is a good book. It just isn't my favorite.

Swinebread said...

That's too bad as I think the The Ballad of Talulah Black was well done.