Saturday, March 08, 2008

Crotchgate Redux: Nightwing #140 Cover

Nightwing #140
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Okay, I admit it. My eyes aren't what they used to be after almost 20 years of computer work and general use. Still, in my most basic sight perception I am wondering if the crotch on the cover of Nightwing #140 has been tampered with. The preview on DC comics' website has Richard Grayson's nether regions much more pronounced then the final cover.

This is frustrating to say the least. Artists Rags Morales and Michael Bair did a great job of showing Nightwing's muscular thighs. Then you look up a bit, and zero, nada. What is up with that? Can't poor Dick catch a break? This is an otherwise excellent cover that is sullied by it's final product.

Call me a dirty old lady if you want, but I want the same consideration given to the women readers as the men get. They get huge boobies with erect nipples and I get a bunch of shadowing. Not fair.



Richard said...

I don't think your request is prurient or dirty. When you see a badly drawn female character with perfectly spherical boobs that look like balloons and complain that they should be drawn to resemble human breasts, it's not because you want them to be more pornographic or titillating (pardon the expression) but because a certain amount of anatomical realism is more aesthetically appealing and makes a better drawing.

This reminds me of a friend in grade school who was deeply annoyed by the way bare-chested men in comics were almost never shown with nipples on their pecs. Now, obviously there's nothing sexual or even taboo about vestigial male nipples, or else men would always have to wear tops at the beach. But it just wasn't shown in comics, and that drove this guy crazy. Then he saw a Black Panther story in which a bare-topped T'Challa was correctly drawn, and he loudly pointed this out to everyone at school. At last! Nipples on a man! He got some pretty strange looks for that, let me tell you. (As it happens, this guy later went on to become a very prominent and successful comics artist, particularly known for his sexy female characters...)

Lisa said...

Poor Dick!
-- yes, pun definitely intended.

Eaglewing said...

I bet Dick isn't happy about the shadowing either. A dude wearing one piece tights like that obviously wants to show it off. I guess DC now stands for "Dick Censored". (couldn't resist - the jokes write themselves for this one.)