Monday, March 17, 2008

New Comics for March 19

Invincible #49
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Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all! I hope it was a good day. I know it certainly was for some folks a couple of tables away from me at lunch- they were drinking green beer at 11:15 a.m. Nice.

My "Get In Shape" contest has a little less then three weeks left now, so bear with me. I didn't get home until 8 p.m. tonight, and I am tired. I need to catch up on my comments, but I am out of gas. I promise to be better soon. Thank you for being so kind during my 12 week obsession with weight loss and fitness!

The comic list this week is ugly, so I feel like I am sliding backwards. Yikes. Here is the list.

100 Bullets #89
Birds of Prey #116- iffy right now
Brave & the Bold #11
Catwoman #77
Checkmate #24- dropping after #25 because I don't like Bruce Jones' creative work- sorry.
Countdown #6
Death of the New Gods #7 (of 8)
Ex Machina #35
Fables #71
Flash #238- maybe
Justice League of America #19
Shadowpact #23
Dark Ivory #1 (of 4)
Invincible #49- may be dropping after issue #50. Kinda tired of it and bored. Bummer. (Cover Pictured)
PVP #39
Sword #6
Witchblade #116
Captain America #36
Immortal Iron Fist #14
Incredible Hercules #115
Wolverine Origins #23
Snakewoman: Curse of the 68 #1 (of 4)

I am mad at myself about this, so I have to figure out what to do. I will let you know.

On that note, have a great night! I am off to go shower and get some dinner. Take care!


Unknown said...


Here's some last minute advice: Don't even start buying "Dark Ivory" or "Snakewoman". Now's your chance to bail out and save yourself at least $6.00.

Drop "Birds of Prey". Anything "iffy" should be dropped like a hot potato with these high cover prices.

Forget about "Flash" for awhile. The title is weathering yet another creative transition period. Wait til things settle again before giving it another chance.

Definitely drop "Invincible", for the same reasons as Birds of Prey. If a book isn't entertaining you, cut it loose.

Here's what I'm getting this week:

Brave and the Bold #11: I'm really, really enjoying this series. Some call it "old school", I just call it solid, well-crafted tales without all the artificial padding and hand-wringing of the modern storytelling style.

Justice League of America #19: The "Salvation Run" stuff puts me to sleep (we get it, don't like Guantanamo Bay), so I'm on the fence with this one. Cool cover, though.

Captain America #36: I'm really getting into the vibe Brubaker is creating for this book. It was a little slow to get into, but now that things are heating up, it's quite a thrill ride. Initially down on bringing Bucky back, I have to admit it's been an amazing story of redemption.

Immortal Iron-Fist #13: My current favorite Marvel book, hands down. Brubaker and Fraction are making something really special here. Did you read that recent special about the Prince of Orphans? Man, that was some fantastic storytelling. Definitely a high point of my monthly comic book list.

Thor #7: Last chance to "wow" me. Getting tired of the cornpone caricatures of the "local folk" and the endless brooding by the Asgardians. Where's Mangog, Ulik, or Surter when you need them?


Tangent Superman's Reign (1 of 12): "1 of 12"? Question: Where's the big market for a title on the Tangent Universe...that is, enough to support a 12 issue run? A truly tone-deaf decision on DC's part to give so much page count to a late 90's blip on the radar screen. What, Dan Jurgens needs something to do, or what?

Countdown to Final Crisis: Is there anything happening yet that would warrant me picking these last six up? Every time I peek into the new issue, I just see people standing around talking about what to do....but not actually doing it.

Thinking about trying the "Hercules" book. How's everyone liking it? Looks interesting.

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, thank you for the advice! It actually did help me today at the shop. I didn't pick up Flash, and put back a few other books. I did get Birds of Prey though, since it was a Gail Simone penned tale. Old habits die hard there!

I won't order Invincible after issue #50. I had to pick up today's issue because they special order it for me. Ditto on the Snakewoman issue. It makes it tough that way. I haven't filled out June's Previews yet since we are making the switch to a new service soon.

For the record, I really like your choices for this week! I love the cover for the new Brave and Bold issue! This new run of JLA is driving me nuts, so I am hoping for improvements soon. Cap is fantastic! It is one of my top ten books each month. Immortal Iron Fist is incredible! Excellent taste there! I haven't picked up Thor, but may buy a trade. It sounds interesting.

As for Tangent- I can't see any big excitement there unless for some reason it would collide with "Final Crisis" down the road. Even then, it doesn't incite any real passion. Countdown this week was crazy. It reminded me of a movie I saw on Saturday called "Doomsday". Hopefully the final few issues make like the teaser posters and get things ripped apart in a fun, puzzle piece way.

Hercules is a great read. I am loving every minute. If you have a chance, check it out!