Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Thought on Michael Jackson Services

Though I was at work, I endeavored to watch pieces of the service tonight to see how it all went. I was immensely surprised and pleased to see the classy, sober way the event was conducted. Michael Jackson was celebrated and eulogised by those that knew and loved him best.

What really struck me is this: little Paris Jackson did in 20 seconds what millions of dollars of publicity and a huge comeback tour could not do. She gave him back his humanity. For that moment in time, all that mattered was that a little girl really misses her daddy.
It darn near broke my heart to think about how much she has lost. Ironically, it also lifted my heart to see the poise and sense of normalcy this lovely young girl seems to possess. Too bad Michael couldn't be here to embrace the moment.

Say what you will tomorrow, but tonight in a show of respect, I say: R.I.P. King of Pop.

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Richard said...

My thoughts exactly.

Also, I thought Brooke Shields' recollections were very touching.