Sunday, July 25, 2004

This Week's Stash

This was an expensive comic book week for me and my husband Jim. After we gasped at our total, paid the bill and came home, we sighed with relief that there was a lot of good stuff there. Here is a smattering of this week's stash.

Wonder Woman #206- After almost losing my mind when writer Greg Rucka made my favorite character a vegetarian, I am starting to forgive him, and this current storyline has a lot to do with it. Sneaky Greek Gods plotting, Medousa getting her head back, and Vanessa in mortal peril - all at the same time. Rucka is putting Diana through her paces, with no room to breathe, and I am thriving on it as much as our favorite Amazon is. I did a double take as Diana spent part of the issue in low rider jeans and a modern type- when did she start watching Britney Spears videos?

Emma Frost #13- It is a damn shame this book is being cancelled, as it has done a kick ass job of showing why this tarted up White Queen is as diabolical as it comes. Issue 13 starts a new arc, with Miss Frost starting her college education at Empire State. There are surprises galore as Emma finds herself having growing pains of several kinds. 

Stryke Force #4- Artist Tyler Kirkham is my pick for best new artist of the year. The kid can draw, and he gets it done on time. I also am impressed to see Jay Faerber finding his way with much better scripting then I had seen from him before.  Great art + cool story = a must read!

Outsiders #14- I am having a love-hate relationship with this book. I love the characterization, especially with Roy Harper, but the battle scenes leave me cold. I figure this is foreshadowing, and that things are going to get way worse before they get better, but after 14 issues, I want it to cut to the chase already!

New X-Men Academy #3- I really hate the fact that this book got rebooted and renamed. It was fine as New Mutants to me, but Marvel just had to go and mess with it to fit the Reloaded theme. At any rate, the characters here are intriguing, so I am staying put for the time being.

Daredevil #62- The Black Widow is back messing with Matt's head, and it feels great. Matt has really been put through his paces thanks to Bendis and Alex Maleev. I do wish they would let him catch his breath and reassess for a few issues before they throw him back in the blender, but knowing this creative team, it won't happen soon.

Captain Marvel #25- Final issue. I really hated the ending. For a huge Peter David fan like myself, that is saying something. Read it and let me know what you think. I just feel really let down right now. I will probably put some distance on it and see if I can pick it up again with a fresh look.

Wolverine #17- I love this story line. Having a chick Wolverine rules, and I am not talking about the one that is showing up in Uncanny X-Men in October. I am sorry to see Rucka leaving the title.

I also got but haven't read Seaguy #3, Shi Ju-nen #1, and DC Comics Presents Green Lantern #1.  Hopefully there is some cool stuff in those titles as well.


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