Thursday, July 29, 2004

Dawn Three Tiers #4

I love Joseph Michael Linsner's art so much that he could probably just draw scribbles all day and I would be intrigued. Thank God the man does much more then that in his Dawn limited series. Each page is lovingly crafted, and incredibly detailed. The story is compelling too, with our hero Darrian Ashoka being tempted with lust in one panel while wreaking carnage in the next.

Fans who consider Dawn a bad girl book need to revisit this series. The story revolves around Darrian and his adventures, with Dawn being the woman he can't escape, almost a secondary figure. As Darrian must deal with one hopeless situation after another, it is his strength of will and self-esteem that carry him through the day. As Dawn's lover Death in some incarnations, the man is unbeatable; in the flesh, he is extremely dangerous, but vulnerable. In short, Darrian is a great hero with feet of clay.

Give Dawn a try sometime if nothing else then for the pretty pictures. I dare you.

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