Tuesday, August 03, 2004

New Stuff Tomorrow!

My hubby and I are back from visiting family, and though it was a wonderful time, are happy to be home. My parents had a nice, relaxed 40th wedding anniversary, and I saw my grandparents, who had celebrated their very important 60th wedding anniversary in May. What a cool deal it is to have been shown the right way to be married, through richer and poorer, sickness and health.

At any rate, tomorrow is new comics day, and it looks to be a high profile one for DC as the Batman 12 cent Adventure is coming out to kick off the big three month Bat title cross over. Forgive me for my lack of excitement, but I HATE it when the Bat titles collide. It makes me have to pick up all the titles, and takes the books I like off track for the duration. Consider Nightwing, who has gone through some heavy duty stuff- all of a sudden his stuff doesn't mean crap, and off he trots to Gotham City. Please!

In other, much cooler news, Swamp Thing #6 hits tomorrow. I love this book and especially enjoy the old school feel on a new twist.

Other stuff I am picking up:

Birds of Prey #71
Detective Comics #797 (tie-in) :-(
DC Comics Presents Superman (Julius Schwartz tribute)
Justice League Elite #2
Darkness #13
Captain America & Black Falcon #6 (for Priest, no other reason) :-(
Exiles #50 (make or break issue for me to continue collecting)
Ultimate Nightmare #1
Ultimate Spider-Man #63
Ultimate X-Men #50
Uncanny X-Men #447
X-Men: The End #1
Queen & Country #26

I have gotten sucked into all the X-titles again, much to my chagrin. I will need to analyze what I like and what I pick up just to keep a run shortly. The thing that sucks is that I have over 340 issues of UncannyX-Men continuity and all the X-Men run, so it is hard to stop, because if things get good again, there is that damn hole!

Enough rambling, I am one tired woman. My company is going to Las Vegas next week to celebrate our 20th Anniversary in business, so it is time to start gearing up. Hubby is stuck at home, but is vowing to see Alien Vs. Predator and have friends over to keep up.

Happy Reading!


John Jakala said...

Captain America & Black Falcon? Is Marvel returning to the days where every character of color has to have a reminder of their race in their name? Why not Caucasian Captain America, or Chinese Collective Man, or British - no! Asian! - Psylocke?

Heidi Meeley said...

John, I am so glad you are on the ball- I must have been overtired last night. The correct title is Captain America and The Falcon.

I am so sorry! What an airhead I was being!

Great catch!

James Schee said...

I always shake my head when they combine the Batbooks since they are tradionally so different in tone.

Can't say that I have any interest in any X-book beyond the Whedon one though.

I hope your trip goes well, don't spend too much time in the casinos.:)