Sunday, November 21, 2004

Working out is Good for you!

After a sporadic couple of months working out, I was finally able to go get a two hour workout yesterday. Man, nothing makes me less irritable then two hours of getting my aggressions out in the gym.

The thing that sucks is that today I am sore as hell. Normally I don't get very sore after a workout because I have been doing it consistently all my life, but from being sick last month to the drama I have had a work recently, I haven't worked out at a normal pace. That changes as of now.

So as to not seem like a vain person, the biggest reasons I work out are:

1. To get out my aggressions so I am not homicidal.
2. To fight my genetic disposition of heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure.

It the end result is a slimmer, healthier body, then that is good for me. I really encourage everyone to get some form of exercise at least three times a week even if it is just going for a walk. Don't overdo it either, just find a happy medium.

At any rate, it was nice to get back to working out. I have got to keep the osteoporosis at bay with weight lifting, and keep the pounds off with aerobic activity. It is a never ending cycle. When I see obese people, the first thing I want to do is help them find a happy medium in their life. It is so easy in our society to get fatter and fatter, with all the great food there is to eat, and the high stress level so many of us live our lives under. That is where self control and exercise come in.

I don't claim to be thin, but I do claim to be much happier and saner when I am working out and thinner then when I am heavier. I am a life long yo-yo dieter who has to watch every bite they put in their mouths, so I understand the struggle.

Now that I went and got up on my soap box, I will now take a bow and get the hell off it.

Happy Sunday all!

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