Saturday, November 06, 2004

Blog World technical difficulties

Jeez, I haven't been able to get in here since Tuesday night for whatever technical reason! Finally this morning, the Gods of Blogworld saw fit to let me in. In the meantime, we have retained our president, got another week's worth of comics, and just generally made it through the work week.

To make matters more thrilling, I will be away from my computer for a couple of days. My nephews are having their joint birthday party, so Jim and I want to spend time with them as much as possible this weekend. Brooks just turned 11 and Brandon just turned 8. They are the coolest, best looking guys this side of the Rockies for sure! I am crossing my fingers we are able to take them to see The Incredibles, as I think it looks like a great movie for their age group.

Comic books wise, I have a review of Detective Comics 800 that will be up Sunday night at 4 Color Review. I also just wanted to say how much I love the Supergirl cover of Superman/Batman #13. I bought an extra copy for Michael Turner to sign at next weekend's Seattle Comicard Convention.

Because my mother said not to say anything about someone if you can't say anything nice, I won't bring up Avengers #503. I also won't say a thing about The Intimates #1.

Take care all and have a wonderful weekend!

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