Saturday, May 27, 2006

Blatant Story Stretching Salute: New Avengers 17-19

New Avengers 19
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It has been a long time since I have seen as blatant an attempt at story stretching as I am witnessing in the current New Avengers storyline. There is something in play in this arc that will have some kind of repercussions down the road, but for whatever reason, it has to stalled out for continuity or story telling, or whatever lame reason to be revealed later.

Issue 17 had so many double paged spreads that it was ridiculous. Issue 18 had a long, drawn out battle full of uneasy banter. Now in issue 19, we are getting to the point, but it still can't be resolved. This means I have to pick up issue 20 to figure out what in my mind could have been encapsulated into one or two issues.

Normally scripter Brian Michael Bendis has reasons for this kind of behavior, but I can find no such redeeming merits here. To say I am disapointed is putting it mildly. My hubby was smart and dropped the book after 17, but I had to stick with it to make a point. What an idiot I feel like now.

Sadly, I will pick up #20 to get to the bottom of things. After that, Marvel can take this gratuitous piece of crap and shove it.

How is that for not belaboring the point?


Carl said...

I didn't see anything I wanted to see in a so-called "Avengers" comic book and dropped it at #3. Oh wait, I read them at the shop, so I dropped it officially money-wise at #1...

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, you were probably the smartest of all. I wanted so badly to love New Avengers, because I have traditionally been such a big fan of Bendis's work. It just hasn't happened that way.