Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Random Musings and a RANT!

The more I think about the lateness of the Civil War saga, the more angry I get. I know that may seem strange, but to me it all boils down to this: a blatant disrespect for the fans. Why? The fans are the ones that buy the weekly books that keep the cash flow going in the retail stores, and further up the food chain.

All these creators can use all the excuses they want, i.e. Watchmen was late and no one cares; we want the artwork to be perfect; the writer is ill; comic books are art; blah blah blah blah!! Keep those excuses flowing- it all boils down to this: the scheduling done was unrealistic to begin with. Tom Brevoort can do his spin control until the cows come home- the book should never have been solicited before it was at least two thirds complete at a minimum. McNiven's artwork has become very detailed, which has slowed him down, and that should have been taken into consideration.

The lateness of one limited series has now commanded the lateness of a good chunk of Marvel's titles. Maybe it will pay off for the company and the "trade" collectors in the end, but in my mind, it is strictly bad business.


Don't miss "Who Wants To Be A Super Hero" finale Thursday night at 9 p.m. on Sci-Fi. This show has so much heart, it bursts out of the television. If you haven't caught it yet, make an effort- it is worth it.

Has anyone seen "Snakes On A Plane"? Jim and I want to go see it tomorrow or the weekend, and I am curious what the verdict is.

We went and saw "Beerfest" Saturday night. It was just the kind of humor I like: base and crass. I didn't have to think, I could just enjoy. It did make me never want to drink beer again though. Strange.

I am hoping to take advantage of the long weekend and update my sidebar links. John Layman has a blog that is hysterical. Another good one is Jim Demonakas' blog. He is PR guy at Image and founded the Emerald City Comicon. Both of these guys are solid gold. If you get a chance, go take a look.

That's it for tonight. Have a nice Tuesday!


Carl said...

Welp, you know my feelings on Civil War. I now view Marvel as the former shell of a good company that I *have to* deal with to get the few books I collect of theirs. If Marvel ceased publication of a regular Punisher, Daredevil and hadn't returned Ghost Rider, Moon Knight and BMB took Powers back, I'd have no reason to look at their books. And I'm having a huge amount of satifaction at all the Marvel Zombies defending Marvel's "November Surprise". They tell me, oh, this DC Comic is late! I say, oh, I don't get that one. Or what about Infinite Crisis or Indentity Crisis?! Those are done amigo, irrelevant. And I can't recall either of those events grinding to a halt for 2.5 months, which is a lifetime in weekly installment books. Marvel was the big cheese, the big gun, number one and every Marvel Zombie screams at me how they are the biggest comic sellers in the bidness. Welp, that big gun done and went off and took off their toes in my deserved bias opinion...

And yep, I am dreading the end of "Superhero". I really like both people and it was hard to see the last person go. My eldest daughter started to sniffle especially after the phone call before the person left. Oh, but I did spot a 'ringer'. Remember the convicts challenge? The big uber-angry redhead chick was in "Boondock Saints" as the "Untouched By Man" lesbian the brothers tangle with in the opening...
And yep, I saw "Snakes" first day, first showing. I LOVED IT!!! I was going to do a review but got really busy. If you don't like snakes and gratutious violence and such, not your movie. But if you love mindless action and B-Movies, this is your E-Ticket!
Welp, gonna run, boobye for now!

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, you amaze me.

Civil War has gotten so much publicity and hype over the lateness that I almost feel guilty for ranting about it. All I am doing is keeping it out there, so I was torn, but I am glad I said my peace.

I can hardly wait for "Superhero" as well. Jim and I have blocked out 9 p.m as a "no phone, no internet, all quiet" zone.

Snakes On A Plane was indeed great. I am really glad we went and saw it in the theater!

Take care, Carl!

Carl said...

Welp, I can't feel guilty about knocking a company for FAILURE TO DELIVER THEIR PRODUCT. If it was any other business then an addictive fan-base, masses of stores and customers would be cancelling future orders and boycotting Marvel. But nope, they just take it 'cause they've bought into this Marvel hipness bullsh*t and how they put out the best comics in the world. Which is not true. Marvel's lack of continuity and just simple story and character cohesion is the major complaint of true comic fans everywhere, even among Marvel Zombies. My fave example is Nick Fury and SHIELD. During the same month a while back, I read The Punisher, the Black Widow mini-series, Iron Man, Daredevil and so on. In one book, (the Punisher I think) Nick Fury and SHIELD have been dialed back to eeking out work for the CIA. Then in Black Widow, they are a rogue org bent on killing her which they actually carry over in Daredevil. Then, in Iron Man, they are back to normal with a fully functional Helicarrier (which had been shot down in another book their last appearance, I guess they rebuild those things fast!) and no sign of the other stories going on or having happened. And of course, there's the FURY mini by Ennis where Nick Fury is a savage almost retired old Cold Warrior in his last days, yet, it's also current time too.
And I have the Marvel Zombies try to attack me on the DCU but they can't compare it to the uber-chaotic Marvel U. much as they try. The DC crisis stories try to clean house or stir interest and get rid of stagnation. Marvel, rather then build an epic moving story gives us stunts and quick'n'easy shockers passing as drama. And the shockers are not designed to thrill us, but to make quick sales at the expense of damaging their characters. Unless someone like Dr. Strange or whomever pulls a Zatanna-type "erasure" (and how ironic would that be?) of Spider-Man's real id and they fix the Richards's marriage somehow, those characters for me are doomed. I mean, really, where do they go from here? They change all the Spider-Man books to:

Spider-Man: Fugitive Family?

or maybe:

Spider-Man: The Prisoners of Fifth Avenue?

And what about the FF?

Sue Storm: Single Parent Hero!

or maybe a special issue special:

The Fantastic Four: Divorce Court of DOOM!!!

Welp, that's my further 2 cents. And oh yes, I did find it the height of irony that Stan Lee lectured Major Victory and the others on giving up their secret ids or taking off their costumes. Guess he didn't know that his best creation had broken those codes about 2 months back. I mean, maybe they taped WWTBASH months ago, but jeez, that was pretty bad timing on his part...

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, you are the man! I love to hear your opinions about Marvel!

It is so funny, because Jim and I run into the same thing at our shop. There are always the Marvel zombies that knock DC and the other companies, but sneak Red Sonja in their pile when they think you aren't looking! Too funny.

Keep talking and I will keep listening! I loved your blog over at your spot where you talked about your state of disliking things. Too true.

Carl said...

Welp, thank you kindly. I get so I'm afraid to direct other comic folks to my myspace (I always feel stoopid typing or saying that) 'cause I am not 'safe for work, etc.' and have zero political correctness. I'm just an ol' Kentucky country boy that speaks my mind even if it gets me in trouble.... ummm, frequently! Thanks again, later!