Saturday, August 12, 2006

Tracking John Constantine and Living Through Sales Meeting

Hellblazer 205
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Hey There! I just got done with my company's annual sales meeting, which basically meant 16 hour days and tons of activities. Rewarding but brutal.

To recover from this ordeal, I have been reading my John Constantine: Hellblazer run. There has been so much great talent on the book that it is unreal. Garth Ennis. Warren Ellis. A short spin by Grant Morrison. Jamie Delano. Brian Azzarello. Mike Carey. Whew! Amazing writers all!

I just finished Azarello's impeccable run on the book and am starting on Carey's with issue #174. I know that there is more unholy crap for John to go through, and I look forward to the roller coaster ride.

Until tomorrow though, I am a bad blogger.

Take care!

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