Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Snakes On A Plane: Summer's Guilty Pleasure

Snakes On A Plane Photo
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Tonight Jim and I went and saw Snakes On A Plane. What did I think?


It scared me, made my adrenaline pump, and thrilled me. I loved the schlocky humor and gratuitous nature of it all. When Samuel L. Jackson finally utters the key phrase "I am tired of these mother-f*&*king snakes on this mother-f*$*king plane", we all cheered.

I am so glad that we went and saw it in the theatre and got the full effect of the snakes. In real life, I absolutely hate snakes, and fear them with a reverence usually reserved only for family members. That made it even more horrifying, and kicked the adrenaline into overdrive. It was insane.

I have to go sit quietly for an hour or so and let it all creep away!

Snakes On A Plane rules!

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