Monday, September 03, 2007

Bonus Favorite Story: Wonder Woman #170

Wonder Woman 170
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Wonder Woman has long had a friendly rivalry of sorts with Lois Lane for Superman's affections, so I have always found issue #170 of the second volume of the Wonder Woman series to be quite fascinating. Caught in the aftermath of the Amazon civil war, with Diana seeking to continue her mission in man's world, she finds herself spending "a day in the life" with said woman reporter.

Written by Joe Kelly and Phil Jimenez, with astounding art by Jimenez, the tale never ceases to amaze me. Lois is suspicious by nature, and her portrayal here is dead on. What makes her such a great reporter also makes her a tad ruthless when it comes to Diana. On the other hand, Diana is trying to wade past recent events to establish a place for herself. With the abolition of the monarchy on Paradise Island, she is no longer a princess, and the lack of tiara makes Lois' reporter radar go off like crazy.

What makes this issue stand out so much is the range of humanity shown. Lois tries to decide which cards to play while finding that Diana is more "human" then she ever could have considered. The discussions that the women have and the spot-on narration by Lois make this more then just a stand-alone issue.

If you get a chance, give this a read. It is a treat for any Wonder Woman fan.

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Eaglewing said...

Interesting reading about your fave WW stories. I'll admit I haven't read a WW title, and know nothing but the most cursory overview of her history. Just not really drawn to the character, I guess. Only thing that piqued my interest in the character was when Joss Whedon was on board to write and direct the movie (that could have been good), but he's off the project now and my interest went with him. With these recommendations though, at least I know where to start should I want a good read.