Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Final Crisis- Theories About Repairing the Amazons

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Tonight I get home and check out DC's Previews for December. In it, I see that in Green Arrow/Black Canary #3, "Black Canary and Green Arrow conclude their mission on Paradise Island and are stunned to find out what's really been going on there - and just who's been behind the kidnapping of their missing friend!"

For whatever reason, this made things start to click in my brain. I decided that rather then be irritated at Amazons Attack that I would do a Ralph Dibny and try and solve the mystery that lies therein. Surely this will be healthier for me than ranting, right?

At this point in time, the Amazons are captured and Hyppolyta appears to be the lone person on the island. In the meantime, Wonder Woman is off having her crush on Nemesis for the next few months until Gail Simone takes the book over and recharges the Amazing Amazon's batteries with a killer tale.

Over in Countdown, Holly from Catwoman and Harley Quinn are going to compete to go to Paradise Island. Does this mean that Granny Goodness has a nefarious scheme and that the Athena in the story isn't as she appears? Is this a plot to make a new army of furies that will help Granny take over? I am starting to wonder....

Where does Mary Marvel fit into this? Is she being recruited to join the furies? Or is Eclipso in her future. From the Countdown poster, it appears she will be teaming up with Granny and her girls. If the "new amazons" from Countdown are being brought in to repopulate the island, and super heroines are coming in, it makes me think that Granny wants to take over the world.

The piece of the puzzle that I don't know about is where Granny fits in with Desaad, Darkseid, and the Gods of New Genesis. That is evidently where "Death of the New Gods" fits in. Whatever Jim Starlin has in store is sure to help get this crew aimed into Countdown heading to the Final Crisis. With Grant Morrison writing FC, and with his take on the Fourth World characters in Seven Soldiers, this means a new paradigm to be sure.

Coming back to Black Canary, my main curiosity comes into who she is going to rescue. Any thoughts on that? I am not sure at this point, but am wondering if Mia will end up there. It is a thought.

The Amazons being held captive must somehow escape and get vengeance. I am thinking this will also happen in Final Crisis. Their Gods aren't just going to sit around and be held captive without a plan of some kind. That is where I am a bit lost as well. Will Diana work that angle in her book? That would be cool, since the first story arc by Simone is appearing to explore the night of her genesis. Where does the Fourth World fit into this? Do they even bother with Diana?

I got issue one of the Wonder Girl mini-series and see she is teaming up with Heracles there. Does that mean that Cassie and the demi-god will come into play in releasing the Amazons? It is a sound bet. How did Champion/Hercules/Heracles get freed up if there is chaos on Olympus? I am hoping that the mini-series will delve into this.

My theory is that the Amazons will work with Diana and the gods of Olympus towards a release and a vengeance. I would love to see Ares and Zeus clash with Darkseid and Desaad. I also think it is time for Athena and Artemis to kick some Granny ass. Since Hyppolyta is back, I am hoping to see a big comeback and redemption of the Amazon Queen. She has long been a favorite of mine, and I am anxious to see how she fits in.

Circe is the other character that comes into play. How will she scheme this time? It sounds like Simone will cover this as well. I can hardly wait!

What are your theories on this? I am enjoying trying to piece this together and I keep coming up with more questions and trying to figure out the angles.

Like Ralph, I like a good mystery. This should make this fun instead of frustrating while the game plays out!


Anonymous said...

Interesting theory...though DC is in a major "risk zone" right now for making the story far too unweildy for people to (A) keep track of and (B) care about. If there are so many multiple fronts, the end result is just a watering down of the entire thing. Sure, they can claim "you don't need to read this storyline to understand that storyline", but at the end of the day, all we're left with are people vaguely grasping at loose ends and Dan Didio's nebulous interviews.

Nerites said...


Great post!
I see lots of truth in your theory and I hope that many of the things you mentioned come true and we see the reinvindication of the Amazon women.

Love your blog.

PS. I hope you don't mind - I posted someof your ideas in Spanish for the Latinamerican population on http://mujermaravilla.blogspirit.com

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, I agree that DC is definitely in the "risk zone" as you so cleverly put it. As you know, the whole ending of the Amazons Attack had me frustrated. This is the only way I know of to work it out, and I am really hoping for a big payoff.


It is sucky to have to muck through all the tie-ins to keep things straight.

Excellent comment, kind sir!

Heidi Meeley said...

Nerites, thank you for the kind words! I am really hoping for the resolution of all this. I am blushing at your compliments!

No problem on the posting over at your blog. You have a cool site there! It is nice to see another huge Wonder Woman fan!