Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Going to a Wedding.. Our Trip to Delaware!

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As you may know, Jim and I went to his brother's wedding last Saturday. Jim went out for a week and I followed the Thursday before. We had a very nice time seeing his family and it went all too quickly.

When I got there Thursday night, Jim and the bride and groom met me at the Philadelphia Airport. They took us to Jim's parent's house and left for the night as it was well past 11 p.m. Jim and I caught up a bit and went to sleep.

The next day my sorry butt slept in until after 11 a.m. East Coast time. I was a bit disoriented as that was 8 a.m. back home. As a consequence, Jim and I didn't eat very much until that evening. I had a wonderful afternoon catching up with Jim's folks. That night we met up with Jim's sister and her gorgeous daughter Carly who was a flower girl. We went to the rehearsal and the dinner. It was a nice night.

Saturday dawned and we had the wedding to get ready for. Jim's brother Tom was coming over to get ready with his groomsmen, so we wanted to be awake and alert. Since Jim was an attendant, he got his tuxedo out so he could be ready. The boys went and got WaWa subs for everyone and it was soooo good! I am now a convert to their meatball subs for sure. After that it was time to get dressed up.

I left with Jim's parents and went over to Tom's house where the wedding was being held in the backyard. As you can see by the picture, it was a gorgeous scene. My only quibble is that it was 88 degrees and humid, so my west coast butt was sweating up a storm! We got there an hour early for pictures and then it was time to begin. At 4 p.m. the groom and his guys headed down the aisle and then it was the ladies turn. The bride looked lovely as she walked with her father. Our niece Carly was sweet and we gushed like crazy about her as well.

The ceremony was short but lovely and then the wedding party went off for pictures. I went with Jim's family to the reception in downtown Wilmington. There was a cocktail hour and then the bride, groom, and their attendants made a grand entrance. It was class all the way as we dined on prime rib and relaxed together.

After dinner, Jim came down and sat with me and we watched the dances begin. Tom and his bride Jen did a wonderful dance. Then it was time for the father-daughter and mother-son dances. It was awesome to behold.

Then came the incredible surprise hit of the night. Jim's dad Frank and his sister Eveline did an awe-inspiring dance to a Frank Sinatra tune. They showed why they used to win so many dance contests back in the 1950's. They really tore it up, and we watched with open mouthed amazement! Everyone was really blown away.

Before the reception was over, I was able to dance with my hubby a few times. Jim is a much better dancer then I am, so I followed his lead. We had a lot of fun and watched the cake cutting and bouquet and garter toss with glee. It made us happy to be off the market as we watched. We agreed that getting out of those events was one of the best perks of marriage, as I have bad memories of having to try and catch bouquets when I was single. Humiliating!

After the reception ended, we headed to a casino with Jim's sister and her fiance'. We gambled the slots and ate a late dinner. It was so much fun to go there dressed up and watch the other folks stare. We really enjoy hanging with them, so that made it even better.

After 1 a.m., we finally left and went back to their house. We fell into bed around 2 a.m. and woke up at 10:30 a.m. knowing we had to leave. Sunday was here.

Luckily, we were able to meet up with Jim's family for a lunch of sorts at IHOP. We tore into our food and enjoyed being together. It was with great sadness that we ended up back in Philly at the airport. We didn't want to leave.

We got back home late Sunday night and fell into bed without unpacking our suitcases. I ended up working a half day Monday so I didn't get laundry done until last night. I didn't feel too jet lagged until tonight and now I am dragging big time. Hopefully this means I will sleep well and get used to my own time zone again.

Thank you to Jim's family for their hospitality, and regards to all the great folks we chatted with at the wedding. It was a beautiful day filled with heart warming memories. We enjoyed our trip and our only regret is not being able to somehow fit the Baltimore Comicon into our schedule. Maybe next year?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful time, Heidi and Jim!

Nothing beats time with the family...especially during special times like a wedding. It really reminds you what this life is really about.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a nice time. It WAS hot out on that coast, we were sweating out in Baltimore too. Glad to hear you didn't make it to the con because I never spotted you and I would have been disapointed if you were there and somehow I didn't find you. We were busy and running around on Sunday at the con and I tried to keep an eye out for you but when we left the con for the day and I hadn't seen you I said to Craig, "I hope Heidi didn't make it 'cause I'll be really mad if I missed her." Maybe next year.

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, the wedding was absolutely great. We hated to leave, but it was time to come back to reality!

I agree that time like this reminds a person why life is worth living and enjoying. It certainly helped me reconnect with Jim, as we have been terribly busy lately.

Thank you for the kind words!

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, it was indeed HOT out there. I don't think I quit sweating from the time I got off the plane until I left again. Ugghh.. gross.

My fondest wish was to meet you, and I am bummed it didn't happen. We just couldn't make the logistics work, and Jim didn't want to miss the plane in Philly.

It sounds like you had fun though- I am really glad about that!

Someday we are going to meet. It is like one of my life's missions now! :-) Hopefully sooner then later!!