Saturday, March 29, 2008

Great Krypton Edition! Random Thoughts and Musings

The thing I can't get out of my head today is the ruling on the Siegel heirs case regarding royalties and ownership of the Superman character. has a fantastic take on it, and I urge you to head over and take a read. Jerome Siegel's heirs have been awarded copyright on Action Comics #1. This is huge, and sets a significant precedence for other creators and their families.

Having read Men of Tomorrow, a great book by Gerard Jones detailing the evolution of the super heroes comic book industry, I just can't help but wonder what these visionary creators would make of this ruling. Living a life of luxury isn't an option for Siegel and Shuster, but maybe their families can be financially comfortable. Reading about the business decisions made and the foresight or lack thereof of yesterday's creators made me cringe but also made me really think about the documents we all sign in our daily lives. Having an awareness of what we are putting our names to and not being pressured to sign anything we aren't sure of is a hard lesson to be learned.

In Facebook land, I made a decision to only ask people I have at least had an internet conversation with or a greater relationship to be friends. If I have answered a comment, or had multiple contacts of some kind, it makes me feel less like an imposter. After feeling like a whore while asking any name I was familiar with to be a friend on ComicSpace, I am trying to be truer to my sense of self here. God knows I might fail, but it is a conscious choice I have made. Heh.

I am going to go sit down and try to ignore how much pain I am in, considering that I caused it purposefully. Today I worked out for almost five hours. My weight lifting partner and I did triceps, shoulders, chest, and back workouts and finished it off with legs and cardio. Since it was one of our last days, we wanted to give 100%. I am relieved that Thursday is the weigh out. I am so damn tired.

Have a wonderful night! I am off to cook some dinner and relax.


Britt Schramm said...

Oh, is that why I've finally heard from you? And where do I fit in those categories?

Heidi Meeley said...

Britt!! Dude. You are a friend, despite my crappy correspondence! :-)

If it is any consolation, even my hubby has had it with me. Thank God my contest ends Thursday, huh?

Take care!

Eaglewing said...

It always disturbs me when you hear a story of a creator selling the rights to something that became huge yet they had none of the profits. It should be a decent human thing to do to just cut them back in on a piece of the pie if it hits big. But that would never happen with corporations.

Good luck with the contest conclusion. That's a helluva workout there. Congrats on seeing it through.

Swinebread said...

There's some nutjob superman fans that are actually angry about this... I can't believe it.

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