Monday, April 28, 2008

New Comics for April 30

Noble Causes #33
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It is the end of an era here at Comics Fairplay. Wednesday is our last trip to the local comic book shop to pick up our books. After that, we will be getting our books twice monthly from Discount Comic Book Service. It does not mean the end of my weekly post, it simply means that I will not be using the list I print to check my retailer's pulls. I will be using said list to check off my DCBS orders and keep track of books that are shipping. It is a bit sad, but I am also pretty excited to try this new service.

Here are my books for the week:

Action Comics #864
DC Universe #0- for the low price of 50 cents!
Ex Machina #36
Green Lantern #30
Teen Titans #58
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #8 (of 8)
Noble Causes #33- pictured!
New Avengers #40
Ultimate Human #4 (of 4)
Ultimate X-Men #93
X-Men Legacy #210
Devi #19
Snakewoman Curse of the 68 #3 (of 4)

Two mini series end this week, and another is just an issue away. I am pretty happy with the list as it has come out this week. Starting next week, I have made more cuts and they are in stone, so we shall see how I react.

I am feeling a bit better today. I went to the medi-center yesterday and got medicine because I know that everytime I get bronchitis it won't go away on it's own. I figure it doesn't do any good to wait until I can't get any oxygen at all because my lungs are filled with fluid, so I am always proactive. Yes, it does mean that I am a pansy too. I hate being sick.

Have a wonderful evening!

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