Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Passing of a Great Man: RIP Jim Mooney

I just found out that artist Jim Mooney passed away Sunday. This is very sad news, as the comic book industry has lost not only an incredible artist, but a wonderful man. His work on Supergirl left an indelible mark on comics, and in my mind, he is the definitive artist of the character.

My husband and I were lucky to meet Mr. Mooney at the Seattle Comicard Show back in 1999. He was accompanied by his lovely wife, and was very kind. He took the time to talk with us and was extremely patient with our many questions. This was a man who set the standard for professionalism in the industry. I was fortunate enough to purchase a sketch from Mr. Mooney that day, and I treasure it. Pictured to the right, the sketch of Supergirl and Streaky makes me smile.

This is a sad day for comics fans everywhere.

Check out Mark Evanier's site for the story. He does a nice job of talking about a man he knew and obviously liked a great deal.

The world is a bit poorer for this tremendous loss. RIP, Mr. Mooney.


Carl said...

I saw Mooney and some other comic greats at some of the Megacons, usually in a row all together. I guess I was too shy in those days and didn't have anything to get signed. I really regret not talking to these guys and missed out now. I always hope to see everyone at every con but it never works out, especially the really big ones. Alas and alack...

Swinebread said...

I really love Jim's Spiderman work

sad news

Dan Lee said...

Sad news about Jim Mooney. Your blog is great, is there anyway to favourite it? I am new at this blogging business.