Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Sense of Closure: NYCC Links

Since the last few days have passed, I have been able to really get a sense of the New York Comicon from postings from folks who were there. I was especially touched by Elayne Riggs' column titled "We Become What We Deserve to Be". In her piece, Elayne touches on some very familiar and uncomfortable feelings, and it struck a chord with me. She references feeling a bit out of place and uncomfortable during the show, and how she dealt and triumphed over those emotions. Please make sure and check out her column at ComicMix. At her blog, Elayne also shares some wonderful pictures and thoughts.

Occasional Superheroine Valerie D'Orazio has several posts at her blog. She covers everything from the general feeling of the show to giving the readers pictures and descriptions of upcoming action figures. I highly recommend checking it out.

Over at The Beat, Heidi MacDonald also has several links and posts about the show. A comprehensive one titled "NYCC: Now Voyager" was especially fascinating. She provides links to other folks who share their insights as well.

Lastly, Emerald City Comicon guru Jim Demonakas has a great post about his experience at his blog TechoGreek. I appreciate that as a West Coaster like me, Jim relates his explorations, including where he ate and places he saw while in the city the show was at. That was a special treat.

For a West Coast show, check out Swinebread's post on the Portland Comic Show. I was thrilled he did one, as I had missed so much of the show I wasn't a good person to do so. He did a fantastic job. On a personal note, I am glad you are feeling better, Sir!

That is it for tonight. Thank you to all of you for such amazing stories. I love the fact that you shared your experiences. It made me smile and it also made me a bit jealous!


Elayne said...

Oh Heidi, thank you so much! It wasn't an easy column to write, but I felt it was a necessary demon to exorcise. I'm sure once I'm actually gainfully employed again, a lot of the feelings of inadequacy will pass.

Heidi Meeley said...

Elayne, you are welcome! I really enjoyed your column and felt it really hit the mark. It is tough right now to feel hopeful in this economy, and sometimes being at a show like that just highlights that. It also it difficult to find that niche in this state of fanboy/fangirl entitlement.

Thank you for your fantastic piece. It was truly excellent work.