Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Could Bruce Wayne Fool Today's Paparazzi?

As our world becomes a smaller place on a daily basis, with the internet giving instant gratification, how safe would Bruce Wayne's secret be? Would a sneaky paparazzo get the incriminating picture? What measures would Bruce take to ensure no one would ever find out he was Batman? Would such a secret be safe in today's world?

I really wonder.

Let's face it, kids- if a person is even semi-famous and there are chances of a paycheck, there will always be a photographer. If Bruce Wayne was truly of this day and age, wouldn't it be common sense to suggest that he would have paparazzi following his every move? With his reputation as a womanizer, and the fact that he has so realistically crafted a party boy image, wouldn't he be on the top of the hit list?

With Brad and Angelina paying top dollar for security and being able to afford their privacy, they still are caught on the streets. When Heath Ledger died, there was no hiding the ambulance taking the body out. Just this past weekend, Sienna Miller was caught kissing Balthazar Getty, a married man, while topless on a boat in Italy. Britney Spears basically lived out her breakdown on film, eventually dating a paparazzo. Fading celebs hope to get caught on camera living their lives.

Where would this leave Bruce Wayne? For a man who craves secrecy, I bet it would be maddening. He would have to spend a good portion of his fortune creating privacy. Also, Dick Grayson and Tim Drake would have to spend a great deal of time collaborating with him. No more Mr. Man Whore for Dick, right? There would be TMZ digging into their past, wondering why three men spend so much time together. Then there would be the National Enquirer interview with the starlet that Bruce dumped. Maintaining privacy would be a fulltime job.

I doubt that even the most clever man on earth could maintain his secret identity in this world while cultivating such a playboy persona. The cameras would be everywhere, trying to catch him screwing around with his latest conquest while tripping down the stairs after one too many martinis. It would be mayhem.

For the most part, the comic book world has ignored this aspect of living in the public eye. One of the most realistic portrayals I have seen is in the story arc of Manhunter when Kate and Wonder Woman evaded the press during her very public trial. Even then, Wonder Woman didn't have the secret identity. It makes me really think that Diana, Bruce, and Clark could never have pulled off such a public meeting as is portrayed in Trinity #1 without cameras intruding and a pissed off Lois getting a camera stuck in her face in response.

What do you think? Should the paparazzi be more realistically portrayed? Could even Bruce Wayne keep a secret? What would the media do? I am very interested in your opinion on this.


Unknown said...

I think that Bruce Wayne would have a ridiculously hard time trying to mislead the paparazzi about his nocturnal activities as Batman.
And with him trying to maintain a playboy image it would be even harder.
I think that he would have to check into rehab several times a year just to get away!
I do think that comics should portray that aspect of the press realistically and to help mislead the press from Bruce/Batman they should give Oracle a Blog! ;)

Thats a great idea guy said...

He would not have a problem cause he is smarter than those clown. Any fool perched on a building trying to get some pics.
\/\/ \/\/
>POW!< >BAM!<
^^^ ^^^
Right to the kisser. Fool, stalking the Batman.

Nick said...
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Nick said...

Sounds like a good idea for a comic series.

Reporter disgraced goes to dig up stories, and delve into the lives of every hero an villain. From there you can pretty much go either a dark or light way...I see Gail Simone or Matt Wagner on it. (DC won't let Johns likely do anymore series right now)

mordicai said...

a) This is a good story seed.
b) Bruce Wayne is a screw-up. You get pictures of him falling down stairs, drunk, feeling up Tara Reid in the back seat of a Limo. Those are going to dominate the scene.
c) Bruce Wayne: REHAB!
d) Yeah, it could be a good story; getting in a jet, slipping out through the bottom into a tunnel, or whatever. Dodging the paparazzi is a fun angle, as long as it takes up a miniseries or only a few panels.

Heidi Meeley said...

Hepburn, I agree. If he had someone that really wanted the scoop, it would be virtually impossible to keep them from doing so unless he hired super hero bodyguards.

I really like the idea of sneaking into rehab. Nice. I wonder how it would affect the stock value of WayneCorp? Hmm...

I like your ideas!

Heidi Meeley said...

That's a great idea guy- I think Bruce would do pretty well catching most of the prying eyes, but I still think he would miss some. He would probably have to do a lot of threatening or squelch said publication by purchasing it!

Heidi Meeley said...

Nick, I hadn't even thought of it that way! That could be really cool. I would love to see a mini-series focus on the paparazzi's effect on Bruce Wayne/Batman's life. That is a killer idea!


Heidi Meeley said...

Mordicai, that would be very cool! I would love to see a mini-series. I think you and Nick are on to something. Let's call up Rucka, Simone, or Brubaker! LOL.

I would love to see the playboy angle played up and have it backfire a bit, making Bruce realize how vulnerable he had become. That would be sweet!

Carl said...

No one (including DC) has seem to have thought of it, but Bruce Wayne/Batman could hire doubles to appear as 'decoys' for him. And of course, they could be in public, in Europe or the Middle-East or Asia while he was patroling Gotham. Of course, he did have alter egos, like 'Matches' Malone and even even inpersonated villains now and again. And of course, there's all the secret tunnels, rail-lines and hide-outs all over the city, not to mention the "tube system" Bruce Wayne used in 'Batman Forever'. I think that Batman using WayneTech/Oracle/Mr. Terrific technology could beat anyone that tried to follow him. Unless of course, she's the love interest in the movie, then Alfred invites them post-haste into the Batcave, ho ho!