Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings: The Disjointed Edition

Today ended earlier at work then I anticipated, so Jim and I were able to do something we haven't done for a month- go eat a meal together at an inexpensive mongolian restaurant. It was nice to relax! Then we went to Borders, which I love. We wandered the aisles and picked up a few magazines. The cool moment came when we got to Best Buy and found Witchblade the complete series on DVD. I used birthday money and picked that sucker up! I really hope to watch it this weekend- at least some episodes.

I want to talk about Michael Turner for a moment. Both Jim and I were very surprised at how much we were affected by it. We only met Turner once, and then it was briefly, but he had always felt like a peer to us. Losing him at such a young age to such a horrible disease that he had fought bravely still shocks us. I don't feel any sense of closure at all. I know this may sound morbid, but I want to know how his family is doing, and find out if he has been put to rest in some fashion. I know that there was a memorial service at SDCC, but I didn't hear much about it. How are the rest of you doing?

Thank you for all the kind words about my blogoversary. It means a great deal to me! Four years went by quickly! I hope to be blogging for many more years. Knock on Wood. LOL.

Not much more to tell. I desperately want to get caught up on blogging but I know that won't happen this week. I have inventory tomorrow and Friday, and it is intense, hard work. I expect to work a 16 hour day tomorrow and at least 12 hours Friday. At my age it really wears me out! Heh. I told Jim that if I make it through this week I am going to have a cocktail!

Until then, take care!


Carl said...

I guess Yancy Butler is going to be out promoting the DVD set. She's going to be at Dragon*Con at the end of this month and hopefully I will get to meet her. I am torn though, I would love the set, but I already have a Witchblade #1/2 autographed by Anthony Cistaro (Kenneth Irons). And I doubt I can get it before the con, saving that mulla big-time!

And I also mourn a lot, I didn't really get into Turner that much, usually his books shot up in price and I would end up reading reprints or collections. But I think about folks I actually met a few times and how awful it is that they are gone. James "Scotty" Doohan, Barry Morse of Space: 1999 and The Fugitive and people I always wanted to meet, Arthur C. Clarke, Don S. Davis of Stargate SG-1 and Robert Aspirin, all of them passing recently too. I have a saying, "Each day, a bit of the world dies a little." It really hit home when Indy said in the new movie, "Where at that age where the world takes things, more then it gives." Too true...

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, I heard that as well. I was surprised that Yancy Butler has surfaced so publicly after all her problems. I hope she is okay now. You will have to let me know if you get to meet her!

Lots of non-comics folks have told me they liked the Witchblade show and were sad to see it end. I wonder if they would ever put it back into production again?

I know what you mean about mourning. There have been so many great people that have lost their lives. I still feel a twinge of sadness that Mike Wieringo and Marshall Rogers are gone. It was much too soon.