Thursday, July 17, 2008

Neck Tattoos: The Next Big Trend?

Tonight I was at the grocery store in a solidly middle class, Christian values neighborhood. In the 15 minutes I was there, I saw three different women with neck tattoos. One lady had a name tattooed on the side of her neck. The next lady had a big flowery splash on the back of her neck. The last lady I saw had barbed wire going around her neck.

I gotta tell you, I about plotzed. I know I openly stared. I couldn't help it. In my redneck, conservative town, this was the equivalent of seeing some nudity. I don't think the shock was so much my own horror as it was the shock of seeing what I have always thought was so exotic in such a mundane environment.

Then it dawned on me. This must be a new trend. Hmmm...

My question to those of you with and without neck tattoos:

Does it make a statement of commitment because it is so difficult to hide? Is it a new erotic zone for tattooing?

I would think it would hurt like hell. After two surgeries and lots of blood being drawn, needles are not my best friend.

As you may know, I would never personally get a tattoo. It just isn't something I like or would enjoy. That being said, I don't oppose other people getting them. I have seen a few that are quite touching in memory of a loved one lost. I have also seen a few cool superhero ones. I just don't see the appeal in tattooing one's neck. I would appreciate any insight you might have.



Carl said...

I first noticed it on kids, mostly gangbanger wannabees emulating the real ones that had neck tattoos, probably like 3 or 4 years back.

And I'll say as an American with free speech and totally unafraid to speak my mind, I ABSOLUTELY LOATHE tattoos. Back in the day, only military men, bikers, strippers and such had them. Then, you wanted to be unique, you got a tattoo. Now, every f'ing body has one, oh my, how unique! I decided that the "mystery and allure" of the unique, forbidden and boldly original thinking of getting a tattoo was clearly over when I saw a 70 year old grandma at Walmart. She had a wildcat on the top of her breast. The only thing I could think of was that it must be posed clawing around her nipple. Yikes, damn grandma, I thought you were hot before that, but NOW, I saw your wildcat tattoo! And the orange tubetop and the dirty chocolate-covered shoe-less grandkids all whining and crying in your cart, STOP THE PRESSES!!! Had I not been a happily married man, I simply would have had to get to know this mesmerizing woman.

I can't tell, do I seem like a bastid in this post? So far, I'm enjoying it. Oh yes, the cost is really outrageous too, I have friends that have spent literally $1000s of dollars on this crap. If I was going to mutilate my body and in an expensive way, I'd want something useful like mutant claws or raptor toes, forget that stupid useless tattoo of Boba Fett...

Saranga said...

I think that a mistake a lot of people make about tattoos, is that they assume people get them to be edgy or trendy. Whilst some do, this is certainly not the case for all.
I have no tattoos although I intend to get one. I have however had approximately 25 piercings - ears, navel, surface piercings on my wrist (google it), septum, lip and nipples.
Because I choose not to show all of them - the navel and septum ones, many people have asked me what is the point of having them.
I answer - and this is an honest answer - that I don't get them for other people. I want them, I feel complete with them and they make me happy. I am not doing them to be trendy, rather to express something in myself. I like marking my body.

It is not mutilation, it is not something I subject myself to. It is a way for me to take ownership of my body, I guess. I think my piercings are beautiful. Everyone else can get stuffed, whether they agree or disagree.

Re neck tattoos specifically, maybe you are seeing more because it's more acceptable, jobs wise etc, so people who have always wanted them are finally able to get them.

James Schee said...

I don't mind tattoos for the most part. I'll never get one, I don't like needles either, yet hey more power to the folks.

Yet I do think neck ones are a bit tacky. Of course I saw a tattoo yesterday on the back of the head of someone. Which just made me go OW!!!!

I do feel for whomever works in retirement homes in about 20 to 30 years. When all these senior citizens with tats and piercings go there.