Saturday, June 27, 2009

A New Look: Wonder Woman by Ben Hansen

Since starting to attend comic conventions 12 years ago, some really cool things have happened. I have met my idols, had way too much fun with friends, and met and befriended some of the best new talent out there.

That is the case with Ben Hansen, who also uses the moniker 1314. He is an amazing artist whose work continues to grow and amaze me. I first met him a couple of years ago through the classy Quenton Shaw of QEW Publishing. Ben was working on a project for Q, and his art was extremely promising. Each time I saw Ben again, his work continue to improve, and he absolutely blew me away.

Which leads me to the Spokane Comicon. Ben was there with his lovely fiance Jolene, and he was sitting next to his inking buddy Levi Skeen. We got to talking and he showed me his newest sketch of his vision of Wonder Woman. I took one look and fell in absolute love. Ben is a genius! He made Diana look like a true warrior while retaining an alluring edge.

Lucky for me, Ben let me buy the piece. It is on my "will absolutely NEVER sell" list but I wanted to share it with you. Isn't it gorgeous? I will try and post it with colors tomorrow, since Ben also colored the piece and put in finished backgrounds.

Just wanted to share this awesome piece of art today and spread some love. Have a wonderful Saturday!

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Nick said...

Kinda looks like a mature Wonder Girl in an odd way I guess. Much more intimidating and less bondagey/cheescake though, which is how Wonder Woman should be drawn, now if only we could have a good writer on the the title consistently. How has Simone's run been on it anyway, had to stop reading it awhile back in favor of trades, like everything else unfortunately.