Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comics Fairplay: 5 Years of Blog-foolery and More!

For the last year, I have not been very active on my blog. I have meant to, and have actually had things brewing in my head that I really wanted to write about. It is always good intentions lately. My husband and I talked about the fact that I am not doing a very good job blogging. In a nice way, he asked me if I thought I ought to retire the blog.

For a month I thought about it. Hard. I just can't do it.

Today is the 5 year anniversary of the creation of Comics Fairplay and I carry mixed emotions. Without CF, I wouldn't have met so many wonderful people. The list is so long, and the folks are so precious to me, that I hardly dare to list them. CF gave me an entry way to vent my feelings and frustrations about an industry that continues to confound me in every possible way. It also gave me a chance to give my opinions about feminism and comics. I like to think that in a blogosphere that was ready to rumble, I was a voice of sanity.

So it is down to this: until I am ready to sit down and declare myself content with all things comics, this place can't go away. Though I only post once or twice a week, I still feel a sense of passion about the industry. What I encounter as a stumbling block is TIME. My life has been through so many changes in the last five years! I have lost family, have had a roller coaster ride of changes at work, I lost and gained many pounds, and I faced the most horrific challenge a person can face.

The good news is I am still standing. I still believe that there is a place for women to read and create comics. It happens every day, Folks. I think that the industry is more powerful then ever with the avalanche of success of several comic book movies. I do cringe at the San Diego Comicon though- it has become celebrity central, and its own size threatens to swallow it whole. Give me Emerald City Comicon any day of the week!

Five years. Joy. Pain. Terror. Anger, Happiness. Friendship. Hate. Love.

It has all been here. Let's continue the ride a little bit longer, shall we?


Elayne said...

Woo-hoo, happy blogiversary Heidi!

Saranga said...

Happy blogiversy :) I'm glad you aren't willing to retire just yet. This blog is one of the first I started to read regularly. One of the good things about it is that you are have always encouraged debate, that can be quite rare in the world of comics blogs. I appreciate it.

Melchior del DariƩn said...

Happy anniversary, indeed!

I can honestly say that yours was _the_ first comics related blog I followed, and I'm pleased that I did!

John Holland said...

Happy anniversary! Like everyone else I'm glad you have decided to continue. I enjoy reading your blog. I would miss you if you left.

Sea-of-Green said...

Here's to the next five years!

RedheadFangirl said...

Happy Blogiversary lady! Like you- and most blogs- the rise of facebook, the iphone and twitter have moved us from this format...but let's hang in.

Swinebread said...

congrats on 5 years.

Don't be too hard on yourself. My blogging has gone way down as swinebread jr. get older and older but I can't quite give my blog up either. I'm barely reading comics anymore at that. so keep up the good work through the great times and the bad.