Monday, July 26, 2004

New Comics of Interest on the Diamond List

Being an anal retentive type of gal, every Monday I go to the Diamond web site and print the list of new stuff. I am glad I do, so I can mentally prepare myself for the sizable check I will end up writing.

Cool stuff coming out this week:

Green Lantern #179- the throw-down between Kyle and John Stewart!
Superman: Birthright #12- Finally!!
Dawn Three Tiers #4- Finally times two- I LOVE Linsner's stuff, like most red-blooded, full-bodied females.
Witchblade #77- part two of a great story written by Common Grounds' Troy Hickman.
Astonishing X-Men #3- intriguing story so far.
Fantastic Four #516, Marvel Knights 4 #8, AND Ultimate FF #9 - time for an FF geekasm!
Powers #2- My favorite edgy cop series ever! Deena rules, and Walker ain't half bad either.
Rogue #1- I have a guilty pleasure love for the character.
The Gift #7- you will get sick of hearing this from me, but Tyler Kirkham is the MAN!

There is lots of other cool stuff coming out this week, but those are the ones that get my mouth watering with anticipation. Cheers!


James Schee said...

You and Jim will likely want to hit the bookstores to pick up the first in a trio of GL novels.

Heidi Meeley said...

That is awesome, James! Is Ron writing them? I hadn't heard about them yet, and it sounds like a great read!

James Schee said...

Christopher Priest is teaming with a different writer to do a trilogy. First one starring Kyle Rayner by him and Mike Baron just came out.

Here is the amazon link for it.

John Jakala said...

Wow, we have very different tastes in comics. Some of the comics you're looking forward to make me cringe (Witchblade, The Gift) but I'll admit my impressions are based on only reading a couple issues here and there.

Here's what I'll be getting from this week's list (although since I only get my comics shipped once a month, I may have to wait until *September* before I see these if they don't get included in this month's shipment):

* BONE ONE VOL ED SC (very excited about this - over 1000 pages of comics for $20! (because of my online discount))

There are also a couple series listed where I'm "waiting for the trade": JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA ANOTHER NAIL (already announced), X-STATIX (I'd prefer another oversized hardcover, but that may never come), and EVIL EYE.