Saturday, September 25, 2004

Back from Idaho!

After a good part of the week spent in Idaho, I am back home in Washington with my hubby. Talk about a long week. I am just now going to sit down and peruse my comics. Jim had to pick them up by his lonesome on Wednesday, poor fella.

Cool thing that came in this week: my Wonder Girl (Cassie) action figure. I have been pretty selective about the DC direct figures, staying with a theme of female heroes. It is nice to be able to add Cassie to my wall. If DC really wants to make me happy, they will come out with a single Donna Troy figure next. I had to buy the Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl two-pack to get one last time, and it would be much nicer to have a onesie.

Jim and I went to the Central Washington State Fair today. We intended to see Weird Al Yankovic, but there was a long line and no reserve seating unless you spent another $15 for tickets. Because we were both pretty tired, we said screw it. The fair itself has a $10 admission for adults and $5 for parking on top of it. By the time we spent a few hours wandering around, it was a $40 proposition. The good news is that next Friday Joan Jett is performing, and Jim and I decided to buy reserved seats so we are ensured a place to see her. We are trying to reason that it ends up being not much different then dinner and a movie for us as a couple, cost wise.

I am off to read comics and catch up on what my favorite characters are up to. Hopefully I will have a full report tomorrow. Take care all! Happy Saturday Night!

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