Sunday, September 19, 2004

Catching Up

Man, this weekend went fast. Between doing laundry and house cleaning, I was never able to get on the internet like I wanted to. Tomorrow I am going to Jerome, Idaho for four days to our branch down there to work on some inventory issues, so I am not going to be a very reliable poster to boot!

My husband did do a cool thing though. Last night, he and four of our best friends gave me the Wonder Woman statue based on Adam Hughes art for a late birthday present. Man it is beautiful! I was surprised and thrilled to get such a cool gift. I am going to put it up with my other statue based on Brian Bolland's work. I don't buy every WW related item, but I am fortunate to have a few select pieces that are precious to me.

Comic wise, I read my stack and was really impressed by Adventures of Superman #632. What an amazing issue. I also read Identity Crisis #4, and am getting very curious to get to the end of things. Batman figures into this somehow in a big way, just how, I am not sure. Otherwise, I am hoping to read my stack again and get a better idea of where these issues are going. I have a ritual of reading everything once quickly and going back and reading it more carefully a second time, so that is the plan for this evening.

I was going to get a "meeting the pro's" post up as well as part 2 of Jim and my internet dating, but it isn't going to happen unfortunately. I have to go pack and finish folding the last load of clothes. Have a great week all!

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