Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Turner at next Seatle Con

Comic fans around the Seattle, Washington vicinity are in for a special treat as Michael Turner is headlining the next Seattle Comicard Show. Scheduled for November 14, 2004 at the Seattle Center Northwest Rooms, Turner will be joined by Aspen Colorist/Production Guru Peter Steigerwald and Jason Gorder of Darkness reknown.

Get your money and autograph goodies ready, Kids. It should be a great show! Several retailers I spoke to are attending, and are planning to bring the goods for your purchasing consideration.

It is getting exciting to live in Washington State with the Emerald City Con and the Seattle Comicard Show coming with great talent and getting retailers interested again.


Chris said...

Heidi, where's my rant about Grell? ;)

Heidi Meeley said...

I plan to do a piece on creators that have been really cool, and maybe mention a bit about my one bad experience. Hint hint!!