Sunday, December 12, 2004

Christmas and Inventory

It has been absolutely crazy this weekend. Friday and Saturday I had inventory at my company. I worked 12 hours Friday and 16 hours yesterday. I was pretty much toast when I got home last night. Today I had to go in for an hour and a half, but I got that out of the way so I could spend the rest of my day wrapping presents and doing Christmas cards.

I just finished our Christmas letter and got all the cards addressed, so now all we have to do is stuff envelopes. After we do that we are going to wrap all of Jim's families presents so we can get them in UPS tomorrow. They live in Delaware so it is a six day UPS shipment.

Otherwise, I have read three comics. I read Angeltown 2, Action Comics 822 and Powers 7. I enjoyed all of them, even though I was put off by the way Powers is ignoring the Deena powers plot. The only thing I can think is that he is building up to it. Otherwise, I liked the second issue of Angeltown better then the first, as this issue is where a great deal of plot building occurred. Action Comics was a great read for the tension between Lois and Lana. Great stuff.

It is back to the grind stone, but I wanted to check in. Take care all! Tomorrow should be new comic book checklist.

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