Wednesday, December 08, 2004

No New Comics?

Crap on a stick! We didn't get our comics today because of a UPS shipping glitch. I am pretty bummed out, as is my hubby. To top it off, there is only a repeat of Smallville, not a new episode, so I am reduced to pulling old books out of one of my long boxes.

Oh well, it still beats Christmas shopping!

Take care!

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Carl said...

Ummmmmmm, well, then. I feel bad now 'cause my bride got home late from work and I made it to the shop a bit after 9pm. And we were seeing Blade: Trinity at 9:55pm and I didn't get my books. I had like two chances, the 2nd after we got back from the movie (which I really enjoyed by the way) and I passed them both up. Oh well, I will get them Thursday or Friday, I think I am just kind of burnt-out from Christmas shopping and cleaning the house. My comic fire is at a low ebb right now I guess. Sorry you guys didn't get your books...