Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Identity Crisis #7 - I need an aspirin

I just got done reading Identity Crisis #7. What a mind bender. I can see why it ends like it does, but I really think I need to read the entire mini-series to put it all in perspective.

I liked it but feel let down and vacant. It is so not what I was expecting!

Anyone else have any thoughts? Carl?

Take care all! I am off to make some dinner.


Carl said...

Welp, I'm kind of in a grumpy mood. But, I think you are right, the whole thing should be read without the monthly gaps. I did like the solution (which was the one the guys at the comic shop first put forth and I figured was the only logical conclusion) and the aftermath but.... it also left me feeling hollow. I guess kind of like a death in the family and then moving on. I guess the problem is that unlike the other Crisis stories which changed or cleaned up continuity problems this changed *the people* behind the heroes and stories. The DCU will never be the same at least to me...

Heidi Meeley said...

I agree Carl. It takes the safety net of honorable villains and heroes out of the game. No one's integrity is safe anymore.

I wonder how much of this is building up to the DC Countdown that is coming out in March. It looks like DC is going to continue to shake things up for at least the next year.

Take care Carl!