Wednesday, March 30, 2005

DC Countdown to... Nausea?

I just read DC Countdown. Sat down in my chair, dove in, and read it. My reaction: Aaaarrgghhhh!

The central character wasn't served justly here. I feel numb.

I am going to go let this set in whilst reading the other offerings I picked up this week and then give it another look tomorrow. Maybe my perspective will change. Maybe the magnitude of the story was too much to wrap my poor little head around. I have a rule about reading something twice before I feel I can make a rational opinion, so I will wait.

Any opinions? Carl, you weren't kidding that this could cause a dog fight at the local comic book shop. Let the madness ensue!


Carl said...

I finally got to sit down and read it. Everyone else had. I had hoped I could borrow the advance issue but it didn't happen. This really, really hurt. The writer had "Blank-Blank" really down. The heart and soul, the history, the friendship with "Beep Beep" and how the JLA thought of them as a back-up only member now. And h/she actually follows the leads, the clues even better then the world's greatest detective and I was so happy that "Blank Blank" figured it all out, wow! Then...... they killed him/her. Son of a..... Thanks guys, thanks a lot. First "Blank Blank" story to give the character meaning in forever... and apparently the last... I'm feeling pretty unhappy and not looking for to the rest of DC Infinite "Deaths" Crisis. Rest in peace you-know-who...

Heidi Meeley said...

Amen Carl! RIP you-know-who.

I guess DC did their job in that they upset me and I can't bring myself to reread it. I am hoping to give it a bit of distance and give it another try.

Too sad.