Tuesday, February 21, 2006

About the Rules...

Hmmm. I would definitely agree with the lovely Ragnell that the full body picture is probably a bit much. I am not sure how to go about this fairly otherwise, so I am going to re-think the results "proof". Does anyone have any ideas?

If I were to take a before weight and standard chest, waist, hip measurement would that work better? If I took a solemn vow to only reveal the loss and not the actual stats would that help?

Let me know and we can re-think this. We have one week to get it going!

Take care!


Melchior del DariƩn said...

Yo, Heidi!

Like Iron Mike Tyson in his prime (or his better-natured Springfield analog, Drederick Tatum), I think your already impressive results have served as a "stare-down" to potential competitors.

Seriously, H., given what's presently going on in my life, if I tried to give up my cigars and Doritos, I might not retain my sanity.

Heidi Meeley said...

It's totally fine, Melchior! I know how you feel- before my surgery, if I would have had to give up chocolate and pizza, I would have ended up homicidal!!

The good news is I am not in the competition, just a judge. What I am doing is just an example, but not official in this capacity. I am just wanting to encourage a little fitness here and there.

I am currently re-thinking re-launching the contest because it has tanked so far!

Take care! Doritos sound great- I am trying not to think about them too hard, knowing that I will be eating a piece of chicken breast and apple slices later!