Sunday, February 05, 2006

Fantastic Four 534 Fails To Impress

FF 534
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I just got done reading Fantastic Four #534, and what keeps running through my mind is that this story is not a Fantastic Four tale. Though the cover would have you think differently, once you open it and turn inside, nowhere to be found are Reed and Sue. The focus of the story is The Hulk. Bruce Banner has been hit with a second dose of gamma radiation and it is up to Ben and Johnny to stop him.

While the art by Mike McKone is incredible, the thrust of the tale misses the mark. This is the second part of a tale that should have been told as a Hulk mini-series, not a FF issue.

I am sorely disappointed so far with J. Michael Straczynski's work on Fantastic Four, and this issue only seeks to reaffirm my feelings. If only the creative team could get the focus back on the Fantastic Four and not try to reinvent the wheel Byrne-style, I would give it another shot. At this rate though, I don't have the extra cash to wait around for improvement.

After attaining a complete run on this third telling of the Fantastic Four, it is time to say goodbye and spend my money elsewhere.

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