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Good News This Week for Women In Comics!

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According to Newsarama,

"Renae Geerlings, a 9-year veteran of comic book editorial, has ascended to a position achieved by precious few women: She will soon be the editor-in-chief of a publishing company. Geerlings will take over as editor-in-chief at Top Cow Productions on March 1, 2006."

While I really loved what Jim McLauchlin has done as editor-in-chief at Top Cow, I respect his wishes to move towards success in another aspect of print. The biggest thing he brought to Top Cow was a sense of timeliness and an influx of great "known" creative talent.

Geerlings is poised to continue what McLauchlin has started and I wish her nothing but the best. While I have at times questioned her emphasis on continuity, I really believe that she has a passion for what she does and has made the industry her home. I am crossing my fingers for more changes like this in the future.

Second piece of news via Newsarama:

"Top Cow Productions is adding top-flight female creators to one of comics' longest-running female character books. And in an unprecedented move in mainstream comics, the entire art team of penciler, inker, and colorist will be composed of women.

Adriana Melo (Star Wars: Empire, Birds of Prey) takes over as the new ongoing artist on Witchblade with July's #99. She'll be joined by inker Mariah Benes (Superman) and colorist Sonia Oback (City of Heroes). Melo and crew will work on Witchblade #100 in conjunction with current Witchblade artist Mike Choi, before taking the reins full time with #101. The new team will also handle art chores on a 4-page original Witchblade story for Image Comics' contribution to Free Comic Book Day."

Wow, I am thrilled about this! Melo's art on the Rose & Thorn mini-series blew me away. I have been waiting to see where she would end up, and to have her working with such a talented group is even better. Both Benes and Oback have proven to be at the top of their game.

Let's all get together and be happy for five minutes about these great pieces of news, okay? I have read sniping and complaining about this from WOMEN (!!??!!) and I am just sick about it. Let's unify and get behind these women!

Once again, congratulations to the women mentioned above!

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