Sunday, February 19, 2006

Comics Fairplay Fitness Challenge 2006

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Calling all comic book readers! It is time to answer the age old call to duty! I am holding a month long "fitness challenge" during the month of March. My hope is that the end result will be fitter, happier comic book readers! Also, it is a great excuse to get in shape for all the walking and standing that goes on at comic conventions throughout the spring and summer.

Here are the specifics:

Weigh-in is March 1 by midnight. Contestants must take a full body picture in exercise gear- example: t-shirt and shorts or tank top and spandex. No shoes or layers. The picture and beginning stats should be sent in to

Weigh-out is March 31 by midnight. Contestants need to take a full body "after picture" in as close to the original outfit as the before shot. The picture and stats should be sent in to me again at that time.

My husband and teammates in the Get In Shape contest will be the judges. We will print out the pictures and not look at faces when judging. All judging is based on consensus. The winner will be based on weight loss and most physical change.

What does the winner get? An original sketch from the Emerald City Con and a trade paperback to start with. My husband is contemplating also contributing a piece of original art, so call it a "comic lovers" prize package.

Just to be fair, I will post a picture as well for all to see on my blog to show that I am serious. Jim has agreed to take the picture and check my weights. I am not eligible for prizes, of course, but will be there with you all sweating and training.

One month of your life is all it takes. If I can convince any of you to make a change towards being more healthy I will be happy. Also SMOKERS out there- I challenge you to kick for a month.

Any takers?


Ragnell said...

*Crickets chirp*

It's the full body picture, I bet.

Heidi Meeley said...

Good Point! I definitely have to re-configure this. Thank you for the wisdom as always!