Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Emerald City Comicon Report: Friday- Moving On In!

Last September Jim and I were sitting talking about how much fun we had at the previous Emerald City Comicon and how incredible it would be to have a booth to talk about our blogs and meet up with fellow bloggers. With that in mind, we went to the ECCC website and printed out the application. Painfully, I wrote a check, and mailed the sucker in. Being the anal freak I am, I also got our hotel reservations at the Springhill Marriott, which was to be ECCC headquarters. That done, Jim and I got to brainstorming.

Fast forward to February, and panic set in. Jim decided not to actively blog anymore, but we still planned to attend the ECCC and represent my site. What could we do to make things interesting? After much consideration, we decided to make bumper stickers and a large sign with COMICS FAIRPLAY prominently featured. I also printed out the last three months of my blog entries and put them in a book for folks to check out. To finish things up, we decided to do a small ACTOR fund raiser, complete with Batgirl Thrillkiller action figure and trade paperbacks.

Armed with all these goodies plus luggage, we got in the car on Friday and headed to Seattle. We got to the hotel and checked in around 2 p.m. After that, we ran over to Qwest Field Event Center to set up. Since we didn't have a great deal of bells and whistles, it didn't take long. The definite highlight was meeting Joe St. Pierre and Shon Bury, who had the booth to the left of us. Joe is currently publishing his own book Bold Blood from Astronaut Ink. He had a great sign that really caught the eye. Shon is prepping "Shon C. Bury's Nox" from Nawain Publishing. He had a sign as well, and both had information on their great new ventures.

We talked to Joe and Shon briefly before heading back to the hotel, and were just absolutely thrilled at the prospect of being next to such great guys.

Back at the hotel, we checked out the lounge and then headed across the street for a budgetary and dietary dinner at Subway. We made plans to meet our friends Ben and Mina in the Lounge around 7:30 p.m. Catching up with them was fantastic, and time went way too quickly. Ben took us on a drive around Seattle that really helped familiarize me with the area. We enjoyed the scenery and headed back to the hotel. At 10 p.m, it was bedtime, since we knew we had two long days in front of us and wanted to be fresh.

Next report: Saturday and dawning realizations that I felt like an imposter!!


RedheadFangirl said...

I like quite a bit coming out of Narwain. Spoke with their rep at NYCC-- they are Italian right. Really like Jenna, of course for redhead content!

Heidi Meeley said...

I wasn't too familiar with Narwain before the comicon. Shon is very talented, so it is sure to be top notch. I am going to try and get my hands on some of their stuff.

Sounds like you got some great vibes as well! I can't dispute the redhead thing- too many women with way too much class and beauty there!