Wednesday, October 11, 2006

But Seriously... Catwoman is a Great Read!

Catwoman 60 page 7
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Newsarama just posted the first five pages of Catwoman #60 for preview. Incorrigible cover aside, I really find myself looking to this book every month. Writer Will Pfeifer and Artist David Lopez have created an exciting, eye-catching book that hits the mark.

The "One Year Later" premise of Selina Kyle becoming a mother and handing over the Catwoman reigns to her friend Holly is intriguing to say the least. Add the speculation as to who the father of darling baby Helena is, and there is a slew of mystery going on to top it off.

As a huge Silver Age Huntress fan, I love the fact that the Catwoman of continuity has had a baby girl and named her so aptly. I see it as a shout out of sorts to Huntress creators Paul Levitz and Joe Staton. It is absolutely too good to be true.

Above and beyond the Silver Age nod, I appreciate the high quality scripting done by Pfeifer. He has kept the momentum going started at the reboot of the Catwoman series. She is a much more gray character then I had thought possible, and the fact that one day she could turn back to a life of crime makes her edgier then most conventional DC females. Infinite Crisis brought out the deep secret that Zatanna had zapped her mind. Instead of leaving it at that, Selena brought Zatanna back to get some payback, and I loved that.

Artwise, I absolutely drool for Lopez' art. I loved it on Fallen Angel, and adore it here. Portraying Selena realistically after the birth of her baby was a nice change. Seeing her struggle with her weight and not be at her best fit the story well. Pfeifer and Lopez are a great synergistic team.

If you haven't been reading Catwoman, give it a try. Issue #60 features a jail break and a serial killer running amok. Excitement is sure to follow!


Anonymous said...

Now this I agree with. I've always liked Catwoman. I know, generally I don't like many DC comics but this is one I've never been able to put down. Someone help me or my Marvel bias award might be taken away.

Ragtime said...

I agree that Catwoman has been great. I was completely turned off, though, by the revelation of Helena's father. It seemed very rushed, out of place, and inexplicable.

I know it's only one minor point, but there was a lot of "build up" without a lot of follow through.

Still looking forward to #60, though.

Heidi Meeley said...

Chris, I think that we can definitely make an exception to the rule for Catwoman. She is an edgier character, whose next move is unpredictable. Having that whole "will she or won't she" vibe makes reading Catwoman pretty darn exciting!

One DC book does not unmake a Marvel fan to be sure!

Heidi Meeley said...

Ragtime- do you think that the revelation of Helena's father is done? I was really hoping that it was just a starting point, and that other fellas would come forward to make things more exciting (hint, hint Dark Knight!).

I agree that it is a letdown of sorts, so here is to crossing our fingers that there is more to it.

Issue #60 looks to be an action-packed one, so I am looking forward to it also.

Ragtime said...

There certainly COULD be more, I guess. I'm not expecting, and certainly am not going forward risking disappointment if there is not more.

One would assume that if Bruce were involved, he would providing the kid more protection than necessary to avoid third-stringer villains like Angle Man and the Film Freak.

Heidi Meeley said...

Ragtime- yeah, it probably is the dreamer in me that is hoping for more. I just hate being disapointed!!

You have a good point in that if Selena's child was also Bruce's, that he would have been watching much closer. Thank you for pointing that out.