Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Lone Ranger #2: A Mighty Fine Read

The Lone Ranger #2
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Since Dynamite Entertainment came out with Red Sonja last year, I have watched them with great interest. The excellent quality of production and great creators attached to the projects caught my attention. The consistent excellence has made me a loyal reader. The Lone Ranger is no exception in being able to capture and keep my interest.

Written by Brett Matthews with gorgeous art by Sergio Cariello, The Lone Ranger paints a picture that is as fierce as the 1800’s wilderness. Gone are the images from my youth of a politically correct friendly masked man and his mild mannered Indian sidekick. In its place are a mighty warrior and the man he saves from certain death. The Tonto we are acquainted with from the old school television show is no more. In his place is a man of mystery and courage. I can hardly wait to see his secrets unfold.

Issue 2 of The Lone Ranger opens with a full page spread of Tonto that is as imposing as it is majestic. Left for dead, Texas Ranger John loses consciousness, only to find himself wake in the company of Tonto. Saved by this mysterious man, John can only wonder who is responsible for his woes and how his new friend entered the picture. Having lost his father and brother in a raid in issue one, there is a deeper, more troubling puzzle to solve.

The coloring and production in this issue is top notch. I have to give Dean White enormous credit for how he handled the varying degrees of daylight and fade outs. Each page is majestic. The art direction and covers by John Cassaday add sheen to an already professional masterpiece. Credit must also go to Cariello, whose work has never looked better. His line work is impeccable, and I appreciate his pacing and simple panel work.

As far as Western style comic books go, this has got to be the best modern example I have been privy to. The story being told is bleak but full of promise. The focus on the lead characters and the simple approach to putting the pieces together has made me a fan two issues into this series. If you haven’t had a chance to give it a look, plunk down the $2.99 cover price and give it a shot. It is worth the price of admission.

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